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Short video has become the mainstream content consumption, and provides popular pan entertainment content and low threshold expression media to meet the upgrading needs of users’ content consumption and self-expression demands of users (especially sinking users). In 2011, the Kwai Fu came into being, transforming the community product from the Gif tool, from the growth of Buddha system to the radical attack, which has been going on for nine years. Kwai Kwai has developed history, and in early 2012, the adorable team joined the team, and technology geeks met gifted product managers, who hit the bottom values of fairness and universal support. 2018 The Kwai Chung tiktok was a leader in the year of the year. The “fast track” of the Buddha was not able to be a violent attack. By the first half of 2020, Kwai has become a short video platform second (live 257 million 700 thousand, 484 million 600 thousand live), the first live reward platform (reward income 17 billion 300 million, average monthly payment user 64 million), live broadcast business platform second (GMV total 109 billion 600 million).

Deconstructing Kwai short video platform, building a decentralized community with algorithms and technologies, and creating unique business ecosystems with social genes. The fair and inclusive algorithm builds a decentralized community step by step through the flow distribution, popularity and community network structure. The user relationship in the community is equal, close and trust; the content ecology UGC & PGC coexists, and the user expression and consumption are highly prosperous; the flow distribution head and tail are 3:7 distributed, and the “Gini coefficient” is introduced to restrain the flow skew. The centralization of community atmosphere has become the core of fast social genes. With the accumulation and development of user side and content side, the Kwai Tinto further develops the high viscosity private domain traffic and the scale of public domain traffic. It also constructs a unique commercial system around two kinds of traffic, that is, the development of Kwai live and e-commerce business with the private domain traffic, and the public domain traffic as the advertising of information flow. Now Fu can improve the effect.

Anatomically, Kwai TSE commercial layout, live broadcast reward is its solid basic disk, advertising business domain traffic value mining has achieved results, showing higher growth rate, the ceiling highly and the most suitable match with the platform characteristics of the direct seeding business has the most potential. The Kwai is constantly upgrading the live broadcast business around people, goods and markets. The Kwai Kwai family cooperation master (family of Simba, Sanda brother family, etc.) has the ability to carry goods and supports other head power (stars, celebrities, non family anchors) and explores the new and efficient mode of “quick hands plus hosts + entrepreneurs”. At the “goods” end, we should pay attention to the “good goods at the source” of the industrial belt and strategic cooperation on the other hand. We should also pay attention to the “good quality” of Jingdong retail supply chain, and give consideration to the cost performance of goods and the brand effect. “Field” end from the ecology, marketing, product three-dimensional empowerment, joint efforts to reduce the threshold of live with goods, support empowerment of small and medium-sized sellers, and improve the efficiency of carrying goods.

In the future, Kwai live direct seeding business will further explore the development potential or start with two aspects: raising monetization rate and improving transaction closed loop, 1) 2020H1 Kwai tiktok tiktok rate is only 0.74%, compared with Taobao (2.37%) and Jingdong (3.17%) there is a larger catch up space; 2) the fast shop closed loop transactions only completed 31% (closed loop transactions need to be divided into electronic business platform, causing Commission losses), and Kwai Chok has been banned from the chain, and all the closed transactions by the vibrato shop.

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