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Short video is a good track: from graphics to video is the general trend, but it is not the winner take all. It is a definite trend to find people from text to video and from people to content. Short video contributes to the main increment of mobile Internet market.

Algorithm + operation + commercialization build platform barriers, but at present it is not a winner take all. Around different creators and users, different algorithms and operation strategies determine the different tonality of the content community. WeChat tiktok is born in the ID system of strong social relations chain, but the community and media attributes have improved; Kwai is strong in public domain traffic, strong media weak community; fast double column content distribution logic guides users to form an old iron culture circle concerned with “old fellow”, and the media is upgraded after strong community reversion, laying the groundwork for introducing high-quality stars and guild content, and the private domain traffic in the public domain is parallel. Speed up industrialization.

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