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Old fellow’s new consumption of iron From Kwai magnet engine

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Trust link, starting from “heart”

The old fellow’s new consumption is based on reality, and the real competitiveness and real feelings can be transformed into core competitiveness.

The era of flow flooding has become the past, and brand marketing seeks diversified development

In the era of information explosion, with the change of user’s catalyst habits and the rise of the main consumer force of “generation Z”, the fragmentation of “access to information” and “purchase goods” presents an irreversible trend. The diversified needs of young people provide a huge growth of new consumer brands. New brands such as sugar free beverage Yuanqi forest, homemade cereal “shoulder handle” Wang satin, national beauty perfect diary, etc. seize the opportunity to rise rapidly, while traditional brands such as Li Ning and Bai Queling capture young people’s consumption mind through “national tide” and “culture”.

In the ever-changing new era of consumption, the traditional way of brand marketing, which only relies on smashing advertisements and frantically buying traffic exposure, is doomed to have little effect. Kwai hopes to help brand customers and new consumers build strong emotional resonance, return to “user oriented”, no longer based on exposure buying traffic, but based on user generated traffic.

User oriented, seizing the dividend of people’s heart, short video, live broadcast, algorithm and other new economic variables produce resonance

Young people’s consumption consciousness has evolved gradually, and the identification of layers has become an important factor driving consumption. Establishing user’s “gravity” is a new business logic for Kwai’s help brand growth.

Over the past year, the DAU has been applied to more than 300 million of the Kwai TSU. As a national platform, Kwai has strong content appeal and user stickiness. We also hope to empower brand marketing through platform gravity, user gravity, product gravity and content gravity, so as to shape the “gravity” of brand customers to the new generation of consumers.

1. Platform gravity

Embrace a warmer business ecosystem

The Kwai Tai platform has always adhered to the values of inclusive, inclusive and pluralistic. There are a large number of real and ordinary people who share their lives and record every day to establish a warm community ecosystem. Kwai old fellow and fans are more like friends and partnerships, and thus form a social atmosphere of trust as a gene, and also create a unique old iron culture of the old fellow master, and thus drive the old iron economy.

Kwai Chung is more loyal because of its temperature, and because of its continuous loyalty with loyalty, the trust and real community ecosystem has formed a stable closed loop for fast business marketing.

2. User attraction

Trust ties stimulate old fellow’s super purchasing power

Master Kwai old fellow is keen to watch and consume products according to user survey data from CBNData x fast platform. 84% of users are willing to accept products recommended by the people. 97% of users have bought interest after watching short videos of products. The old Kwai old fellow’s high consumption power can be reflected in the price of individual consumer goods: the second-hand car area, the fast user consumer price is 148 thousand. For training, Kwai user users price is as high as 25 thousand and 800.

Many brands have made good cooperation with the fast hand, such as GREE, Ms. Dong Mingzhu sold 3 hundred million in the Kwai Kwai live broadcast, and more than 20 thousand air conditioners were sold out. Kwai Kwai, Ding Lei of NetEase, was also quick to deliver live goods, and master GMV was 136 million. Behind all these data is the commercial explosive force of the old fellow Kwai Tai economy, which was born by the fast platform.

3. Product attraction

Strong product matrix, full link marketing support

Kwai has a strong product matrix, providing a full link solution for brand marketing. Open screen, information flow and other flow products can reach customers’ attention efficiently; Short video, live broadcast, challenge and other content products penetrate into the user circle and precipitate social assets for the brand; Xiaodiantong, Jinniu e-commerce and other e-commerce marketing products help businesses achieve business results.

We have also established a perfect service platform to help brand marketing in terms of talent cooperation, creative business, data management, etc. Among them, by connecting customers and creators, the magnetic star platform can not only meet customers’ all-round marketing needs, but also help creators realize their content. At present, magnetic star has settled in more than 100000 talents, covering more than 200 industries and more than 40 vertical categories.

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