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What has made today’s Kwai Fu?

Kwai Kwai, a short video track, has been able to grasp the market share and the centralization of the flow of the universal market. This has created the fast and the old iron economy. The fast hand is facing competition. On the one hand, the 8 revised products are launched on the single line, and the high speed line market is launched. On the one hand, the operation of public domain traffic is started and the old fellow is accelerated.

Kwai live TV provider’s current advantages and space?

The future is not only from the growth of Gmv, but also to accelerate the construction of e-commerce ecological infrastructure. Why is the monetization rate of e-commerce low? On the one hand, the electricity supplier advertising is not included. On the one hand, Kwai has increased the support / subsidy policy to anchor / business / users since the beginning of this year.

How do Kwai do commercialization?

Kwai Kwai Kwai has two characteristics of the private domain + social media, the old fellow’s unique “old iron economy” – the high flow of private domain and high conversion. It is an important product feature, and is suitable for transaction realisation. It increases the development of public domain traffic and brings the public traffic to “home” to precipitate private domain traffic and continue to make cash. It is a unique commercial advantage of the fast hand; it expands the live broadcast, the live broadcast and the live broadcast. In the future, we will focus on the development of public domain traffic, advertising, games and education, and develop overseas markets. Among them, advertising, games and overseas may be important points for the future.

Kwai Fu advertising is the core business of future driving revenue growth, and advertising revenue is large.

8.0 single column revision will break the ceiling of advertising business, while xiaodiantong, the flow product of e-commerce industry, will help anchor / merchant to have effective promotion, which will also promote the growth of e-commerce business.

What are the advantages of Kwai’s game business?

The fast hand increases the introduction and enhances the proportion to the game Association, the head Union and the game anchor develops the game business is the Kwai advantage, through the issue and the research game commercialization.

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