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In 2020, the first year of live broadcast with goods out of the circle.

This year, the capital into the Bureau, short video live concentrated outbreak, all the way up in the marketing link in the magic.

Kwai master’s marketing platform, the master master’s marketing platform, is continually upgrading. To further enhance the brand’s marketing, we will build an integrated product system based on optimizing the customer experience and efficiency through increasing business data dimensions, multi-dimensional live charging mode and improving the evaluation system.

Thanks to the increasingly perfect product system and the old fellow iron economy, Kwai Chung rose 140.1% in 2020, covering 42 drooping categories, with the growth rate of all kinds falling above 50%. The growth rate of the 1-11 categories of magnetic products is increasing rapidly.

A single spark has become a prairie fire.

However, if you look at it carefully, you can see the universe inside. The “2020 report on the ecological value of the creators of magnetic star gathering” released by magnetic digital concept will lead you to comprehensively interpret the growth, creativity, fans and commercial power of the creators of magnetic star gathering from three aspects: the portrait of the creator, the content ecology and the comprehensive commercial value.

Key points

◾ Continuous growth of creators and full vertical coverage to meet the diversified needs of content marketing ◾ The scale of professional creators is expanded, and more professional expression helps to spread the brand efficiently ◾ Star / bigwig / niche Creator: a hundred flowers bloom to release star gathering marketing power in an all-round way

◾ The content is pluralistic and has soul, and the portrait of vertical creators is significantly different

◾ Double engine high speed operation, short video more powerful

◾ Ultra short small video is the trend, live high frequency and “long”

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