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Short video and e-commerce live broadcast trend report in 2020 From Flying melon data

The following is the Short video and e-commerce live broadcast trend report in 2020 From Flying melon data recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Short video, research report, Webcast.

In 2020, with the rapid development of short video, the vertical class broadcasters of new forces will rise rapidly. At the same time, the era of nationwide live broadcasting will open in 2020, with more than 20 million live broadcasting sessions of e-commerce.

The iteration of the tiktok ecosystem has made the jitter move from pure content ecology to “content + social networking + e-commerce”. A hotly contested spot of 600 million days has become a battleground for new media people and businesses and tiktok brands.

So in 2021, how do operators break through the siege? How do businesses find high conversion broadcasters? How can we promote the integration of brand and product by using the tiktok promotion?

Long video power, waist account show with goods strength

The 20 year’s active new peak is mainly around 618 and 818 tiktok business. The business day is attracting more players and businesses.

From 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and then to 5 minutes, the tiktok has been developed from simple short video to medium length video. Long video is currently in the “tiktok”, attracting a large number of long video teams.

E-commerce closed loop is emerging, combination promotion promotes the integration of product and efficiency

The tiktok ecology of the tiktok has been upgraded from the original video to the “video + live”. By the end of December, the monthly purchase of goods at a comfortable level accounted for 99% of the total merchandise.

The original content of the jitter is video and live broadcast. Short video content is longer and longer for promotion. The live broadcast of goods is more important to real-time sales conversion, especially for the brand side, tiktok can better achieve product quality integration.

Stars attract brands to settle in, and live broadcasting with goods increases rapidly

4.1 tiktok brother tiktok tiktok tiktok Luo Yonghao, the first to show the goods 110 million, to sonic live broadcast of the sound, while a large number of stars after the admission of live broadcast, also attracted a large number of merchants and brand members live.

More and more brands and businesses tiktok are starting to build their own operation teams. The brand self construction team has higher controllability, and through the diversified high exposure of “video promotion + live transformation”, it can achieve the integration of quality and efficiency.

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