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Taobao short video is growing rapidly, which is a new track of traffic growth and content marketing for businesses. Ali mother m insight found that in 2020, Taobao short video has achieved significant growth in the participation of businesses and creators, the number of short video production, and the average viewing time of consumers; with the growing of Taobao short video “cake”, short video has become an important marketing magic weapon for deep connection between businesses and consumers.

In the era of short video, the three core elements of marketing “people, goods and market” have changed. Consumers can easily “cross out” uninterested content by brushing short videos anytime and anywhere, which aggravates the fragmentation of information transmission and reinforces the mind of “wandering”. When browsing short video content with entertainment and sociality, consumers do not have clear demands. Their consumption motivation needs to be stimulated and created, and their consumption decision-making is more perceptual. Consumers are more likely to be infected by the “18 kinds of martial arts” displayed by businesses and talents. Short video is not only a dynamic display of more commodity dimensions and selling points, but also an opportunity for businesses and creators to show “atmosphere field”. Consumers’ novelty, pleasure and other emotions are mobilized to trigger deeper emotional resonance and better establish emotional communication and transfer emotional temperature. In order to help businesses and creators of the platform better adapt to the changes of short video marketing, Ali mother launched M Insight “short video marketing strategy: 5I communication rules under the short video content strategy” establishes the Taobao short video marketing effect evaluation system, and takes the beauty industry as the initial exploration, further enhances the short video value, precipitates the short video marketing communication rules, and guides the short video content creation.

The core demand of short video marketing of Taobao merchants or creators is to guide single product transaction, single product grass planting and account main body grass planting. Which indicators of short video can help to achieve the above effect? Through the correlation analysis between the observable indicators and the effect of massive short video, m insight points out that effective viewing rate, interaction rate, store entry rate and account attention rate are the core indicators to measure the value of Taobao short video. Businesses and short video creators can evaluate the current short video value according to this set of indicators, and can also choose corresponding indicators to optimize according to different marketing demands.

The essence of short video is the timing output of information. Therefore, to optimize the key indicators of short video (effective viewing rate, interaction rate, store entry rate and account attention rate), we should not only effectively control the time rhythm, but also grasp the content and form of expression.

In terms of time rhythm: m insight studies short video user behavior and finds that the first 3 seconds is the key period for the audience to stay, so it should have a clear theme and use eye-catching content elements for effective viewing. The 9th second is the release point of short video interaction value. Before that, the short video highlight communication and audience psychological bedding can better promote the interaction behavior. The first 11 seconds is the golden time to enter the store. Before that, complete the rendering of the core selling points of the goods, give the audience the reaction time to process the information and generate the willingness to further understand. After 16 seconds, the audience’s interest in the main account will be enhanced, and more wonderful content from the same business and creator will be timely used to retain the audience and promote the precipitation of fans.

In terms of content and form: m insight puts forward the 5I rules of short video communication based on the audience’s psychological mechanism: attraction, amount of information, sense of communication, internalization and identity, which helps short video to enhance its value. First of all, short videos need to be eye-catching, to stimulate audience interest in the first three seconds and strive for retention. After three seconds, enough information needs to be output for processing in the viewer’s mind. Information output should have a “sense of communication”, not cold and stiff, but dialogue with the audience. The audience processes enough information received. In the partial rational scene, the audience needs to understand and accept the short video content demonstration, form internalization and trigger the effect behavior of entering the store, interaction, account and so on; in the emotional scene, the audience is affected by emotion to produce identification, which leads to the effect behavior. Among them, eye-catching power, information content and communication ability are the basic directions for all short videos, and “internalization power” and “identity power” can be highlighted according to the actual demands of short video creators.


Attraction is the basis and premise of short video value, and effective viewing rate is the measurement standard of attraction. The up and down sliding mechanism gives users the flexible choice of short video content, but it poses a great test for the “first sight” attraction of the content, which is also the basis for subsequent audience to form cognition and interaction. M insight pointed out that the five elements of “beauty, straightness, fame, strangeness and popularity” constitute the attraction of short video content. In short video content creation, there is no need for all aspects. If you can excel in one or several aspects, you can retain the audience at the first sight and improve the effective viewing rate.

Information content

In the short communication of more than ten seconds, we should try our best to extend information horizontally, vertically and dimensionally, and strive to meet the audience’s demand for information intensity, so as not to make people feel bored. The criteria for measuring the amount of short video messages include the average guide into the store, the transfer of comments, and the behavior of paying attention to the account. Take the cosmetics and skin care category as an example, introduce the differences of products horizontally to help consumers weigh the advantages and disadvantages and quickly find their own products. Introduce the combination and use scenarios of different categories vertically, such as teaching skin care process, matching skills, gift voucher strategy, etc. We can also try to analyze the product from multiple perspectives, such as composition and texture, sense of use and suitable skin, long-term effect, and even the scientific and technological background of the product, so as to make the information more comprehensive and three-dimensional.


Through the analysis of a large number of short videos of beauty and skin care, it is found that short videos with influenza, such as “treasure”, “Amway”, “recommendation”, “secret”, “true love”, “self use” and other emotional words, turn the advertising marketing of commodity selling points into private words recommended by girlfriends, and quickly shorten the psychological distance with the audience Show higher value.


Taobao short video content mostly has the demand of goods, which is essentially the process of displaying the value of goods and stimulating consumers’ purchasing behavior. However, consumers do not watch short videos with a clear active appeal, but more with the characteristics of “wandering”. Therefore, in order to effectively persuade the audience in tens of seconds, short video creation must solve three problems: directly hit the most anxious and concerned pain points of the audience, stimulate the audience’s cognitive motivation; simplify and label the selling points, reduce the audience’s cognitive cost; provide the audience with reasons for trust, and reduce the door of trust The threshold.


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