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Survey of China’s better life in 2020, Chinese people will have 24 minutes more leisure time every day

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According to the data of China’s good life survey, Chinese people will have 24 minutes more leisure time every day in 2020. In leisure time, 38.28% of people are doing mobile entertainment, so what do people like to do when they brush their mobile phones《 According to a further survey on the Internet, the top three mobile entertainment companies are short videos, playing games and watching movies. Short video has undoubtedly become the first sharp tool for people to “kill time”. The proportion of women brushing short videos is higher than that of men.

[short video has become the first sharp weapon for people to “kill time” on mobile phones, and the proportion of women is higher than that of men]

In October 2020, China online audio-visual program service association released a report, which shows that the per capita use time of short video has exceeded that of instant messaging. How long does Chinese netizens spend on short video on average? A conservative answer is nearly two hours a day.

From the perspective of different types of cities, the proportion of short videos, games and live broadcast is higher in the second and third tier cities than in the first tier cities. People in the first tier cities are far better than those in the second and third tier cities in reading, reading news, socializing, visiting forums, reading posts, and investing and financing.

From the perspective of different age groups, with the increase of age, the proportion of choosing short video and chasing drama decreased. On the contrary, with the increase of age, the proportion of people who choose to read the news, watch the live broadcast and invest in finance will increase. The proportion of young people aged 18-25 and old people aged over 60 is high.

[women like to shop in the studio, men prefer to “chop their hands” on the website]

The survey found that more than 30% of the people like online shopping in their leisure time (31.47%). From different ages, the most favorite online shopping is the young people after 95, and the people over 60 are not willing to be weak, ranking second.

So people of different ages, online shopping channels are different《 This is the answer given by the online questionnaire of the great survey of China’s beautiful life.

Young people aged 18-25 are most likely to buy online on mobile phones, iPads and other mobile terminals.

In the traditional social e-commerce shopping, the proportion of people increases with age.

The backbone of live shopping is the people aged 26-59. In the live room, their enthusiasm for hand cutting is really comparable.

In terms of gender, there is little difference in the proportion of men and women shopping on mobile app.

But the proportion of men cutting hands on social e-commerce and computers is far higher than that of women. Women are more involved in live shopping.

Let’s look at the hand chopping choices of different types of cities. First tier cities prefer to shop on mobile app, while the proportion of live broadcast and social e-commerce hand chopping in second and third tier cities is higher than that in first tier cities.

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