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In 2020, the interface and functions of wechat video number will be iterated rapidly. In less than a year of development, video number has completed many great innovations. On the one hand, the interface and functions are rapidly improved, especially in live scenes. The home page splits from the single column information flow with chaotic classification into four parts: “attention”, “friends”, “recommendation” and “nearby”, and then moves “nearby” out of the video number and merges it into “nearby people and live broadcast”, sharing the same level entrance with the video number. Live function opened, and quickly support with goods, reward, even wheat, beauty and other functions. On the other hand, it infiltrates into the wechat ecosystem and opens up other sectors through multiple contacts.

The video number can open up the interface with friends circle, official account, small program, look, search, search, search, enterprise, micro and WeChat group, accept the support of traffic flow in other sectors of WeChat, and form a cycle.

Video number is a new “number”, which is another kind of open creator identity. ① Video number is a public account for public domain traffic, so individual or enterprise users can create more freely and make video number into their own “business card”; ② in the first half of the year, video number carries users’ expression needs in the form of short video, and in the second half of the year, focus on the development of live broadcasting with lower expression threshold. The goal of video number is to meet the expression needs of ordinary users, and the specific form is more inclined to live broadcast at present; ③ the open account system also opens up the imagination of stranger social networking and local life business.

Video number has become an important part of wechat ecology. Video number has grown into a “distribution center” of traffic, undertaking the task of traffic collection and redistribution in wechat. (1) almost all the service scenes in WeChat’s ecosystem support the traffic incoming video numbers, and video numbers collect traffic from all sectors. Second, the video numbers are built with multi contacts, which support the export traffic to other WeChat service scenarios such as small programs, official account and other services, and complete the traffic redistribution.

Private domain and public domain develop simultaneously, and social recommendation and algorithm recommendation complement each other. In terms of private domain, the video Number fully exploits the friend relationship on wechat, and makes the content of the video Number split through social recommendation. ① Help the video Number cold start in the initial stage of traffic; 2. Recommend more yuan content to users that other friends are interested in.

In terms of public domain, video Number recommends content to users based on short video content quality index, builds “recommendation” page of Central Plaza, and reaches users of the whole network. ① The recommendation algorithm of video number does not focus on pushing interested content to users, reducing the traffic weighting of popular content, which is good for medium and long tail creators; ② after reaching the whole network users in the public domain, it guides users to deposit in the private domain traffic pool on wechat to feed back the private domain.

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