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We believe that short video applications have the ability to become the underlying infrastructure of the Internet: the scale of users is huge, second only to instant messaging, which is basically the same as online video, and the proportion of total user hours has surpassed instant messaging.

As the head platform, Kwai Fu brings together the first batch of outstanding short video creators in China, accumulating massive users by relying on multiple high-quality content, and releasing space for businesses and service providers. Under the social attribute, users have the power to expand and break the circle, so the customer acquisition cost is still low in the whole Internet ecosystem. In the past decade, the overall cost of Internet traffic has risen. As the successor of the content industry, the cost of short video traffic is still low. By the end of June 2020, the cost of quick Kwai was 133 yuan per person, compared with the typical Internet sub industries such as Ali (Jingdong, 500+, 150-800 yuan / person), life service (US group 500+ yuan / person) and games (average industry $300-600 per person).

Kwai Hui’s values, from private domain to extension of the flow of disk, solid operation, strong interaction, high viscosity, reliable community ecosystem, is the foundation for rapid growth of fast broadcast, online marketing, e-commerce and other businesses. The platform users are massive, high viscosity, and the proportion of creators is the first in the country. The core business data advantage is obvious and the growth is bright. By the eleven month of November 30, 2020, the average monthly activity of Kwai Fu application reached 481 million (yoy+49%, 37% higher than that in 2019), with an average daily activity of 264 million (yoy+54%, 50% higher than that in 2019). The number of users increased and the daily activity increased faster than that of the monthly living.

From capturing users to capturing users, the improvement of user time directly represents the recognition of platform business value. Based on the observation of multi platform activity (dau / MAU) and user duration, we believe that the improvement of user duration of content platform is closely related to user stickiness, and the user duration of companies with decreased activity (dau / MAU) will also decrease. In terms of activity (dau / MAU), the overall stickiness of fast video is stronger than that of medium and long video, and the activity remains at 50% – 60%, which is also higher than that of most other Internet sub industries except instant messaging. This is also an important reason why the short video industry is catching up with instant messaging in terms of user time.

Kwai Hui has always been the first mission of Pratt & Whitney ecology. It has not changed its original mind: the core resource of the Internet is attention and the focus of attention is the core of the company’s values. Kwai Kwai slogan emphasizes “embrace every life”. The centralization recommendation algorithm is more conducive to the long tail KOL, and the faster hand adds more social weights to the algorithm, and the user social interaction is more viscous and interactive. Most of the domestic content platforms didn’t pay attention to the sinking market users in the early stage, and short video application is the platform which is the easiest to reach the sinking users except the system pre installed software.

In the acceleration of commercialization, we should go all in step: single row design “jitter”, move towards the more efficient public domain information flow, double row design still retain, continue to maintain the private domain tiktok method unchanged, the choice power is delivered to the user.

Advertising: commercial products for the public domain continue to innovate, contribute to revenue growth, and drive the overall growth of the company. Under the effect of scale effect of online marketing and e-commerce, the gross profit rate is expected to be further improved, and the growth rate of performance can be expected.

Electricity providers: naturally benefit from the Kwai Tsu, trust ecology, compared to the traditional business “get expensive”, “difficult to get” bottleneck, live business is still in the high growth period of traffic horse racing, while natural environment platform stickiness and trust further improved.

Live broadcast reward: the scale and duration of live broadcast users, high-quality content and the improvement of users’ payment ability are the basis for the growth of live broadcast reward business.

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