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Tiktok, jitter, WeChat video highlights and discussion of Kwai Chung highlights From Orient Securities

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Tiktok tiktok, WeChat Kwai and WeChat video number three short video platforms have done many operation events or functional updates during the Spring Festival. The three platforms have their own emphasis: fast track aggravating content operation, shaking the voice to emphasize “social” and “search”, while the video Number Kwai Chung has carried out many functions during the Spring Festival, and has used WeChat red cover to carry out video frequency drainage.

Kwai Fu: plan series PGC column, and gradually enhance the content operation ability. During the Spring Festival of 2021, the total number of red envelopes was distributed to users by the fast hand. In addition, there were activities such as sending physical goods, pumping Kwai Kwai boxes, etc., and leveraging star drainage, and the way users received benefits was of strong interaction and interest. Besides sending welfare, the fast hand also planned a series of PGC columns lasting nearly a month during the Spring Festival, and invited 300 of them to the 2 billion 100 million. Delicacy stars are involved in the Kwai Chok show. They are rich in variety (talk shows, parties, star music, game, short plays, chat rooms, etc.). They cover a wide range of content (covering two dimensions, social humanities, sports, music, food, cars, etc.), and the fast hands can be 2021. During the Spring Festival, the most important platform for content operation in various Internet communities proves the determination of the platform to improve the user’s content consumption experience. The Kwai Tai has reached a good result: the new year’s Eve to the third year of the new year, the fastest speed of the express version is 1/1/1/2 in the IOS free list, and the live online special live show is held by Jay Chou on the first day of the new year. The highest number of live online is 4 million 150 thousand (only 800 thousand less than the tiktok’s highest online number).

Tiktok: red night red partner, emphasizing social networking and search. The Kwai Chung tiktok released 2 billion yuan red envelopes during the 21 year of the Spring Festival. The user interaction increased in the Spring Festival Gala. The total number of interactive calls in the 21 Spring Festival evening was 70 billion 300 million (20 years’ tiktok 63 billion 900 million times). Tiktok tiktok pay New Year’s call for the new year’s Eve. Tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok, which is used to vibrate and use the video before and after the Spring Festival, encourages users to use the video search function of shaking. According to the February data of jitter, the monthly users with the use of the vibrato search have reached 550 million. After more than 2021 early February, WeChat searched for 500 million months tiktok and Baidu APP 544 million months live (20Q4), which shows that the jitter is currently one of the most mobile users’ search behavior in the country.

Wechat video Number marketing highlights: ① the red envelope cover becomes a new marketing contact to drain the video number; before the Spring Festival, wechat makes the red envelope cover into a social currency, and then greatly reduces the threshold of red envelope cover customization to attract a large number of traffic, and the red envelope cover becomes a new brand marketing contact. At the same time with the video Number linkage, strong diversion video number. ② The video Number dynamically opens up the circle of friends advertisement and opens up a new commercial space. The highlights of video number product update: ① video scene: continuously optimize video browsing experience; the three sections are changed to large screen browsing mode, and the broadcast page is online with private praise, attention and live broadcast functions. ② Live scenes: 1) the strong reminder of the anchor and the video number landing on the PC indicate the determination of wechat to direct the live broadcast of the video number; 2) the white list of the live room and the PC The terminal has its own streaming function to broaden the ecological boundary of live video content. More diversified and more professional live video content such as games, office meetings and online teaching may grow up in the video number, which breeds new possibilities for the commercialization of video number.

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