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“If all things in the world can span, love each other, and complete the clouds and the sea”, “you can’t get it like a foreign object in the sky” I’m sure you’ve been brainwashed by these songs. More and more music works have become popular in short video platform, and many short video content related to popular music has also spread by brushing the screen.

“Short video + music” ecological cycle of supply and demand

Short video fancy presents music, making music “visual”, and music is widely used in non music short video creation; some music works are spread in short video platform, and their life cycle is extended by secondary creation, and multiple secondary creation versions based on the same pop music may become pop music.

The UGC attribute of the short video platform and the characteristics of “star and element on the same stage” make the main body of musicians contain diversity and the ecosystem of musicians expand constantly. Most of the pop music creators are waist and tail music, and it is common for musicians to “sing hot but not hot”. The Kwai tiktok and fast music ecology are more obvious.

Short video users’ music consumption includes four dimensions of “listening, watching, singing and recording”. While consuming music, users can also become secondary creators and disseminators of music, resulting in the prosperity of UGC creation ecology of music content.

People + content + platform to produce music related pop content

The power of “human”: short video users’ needs are consistent with the attributes of music entertainment; short video creators and users are the disseminators of music; short video platform has a large number of users and rich user portraits, providing a flow pool for the screen brushing and viral transmission of music; There are many types of musicians in the short video platform, and they are supported by the platform, which encourages their creative enthusiasm and output ability of music works.

The power of “content”: catchy, easy to remember, short-term internal attack and mental ability of music melody has brainwashing potential; malleable music has a large space to achieve fission and spread through secondary creation; Songs that can reflect the focus of social attention and value orientation are more likely to capture a large number of audiences. For example, in the song “your answer”, the lyrics “the light of dawn will cross the darkness” brush the screen during the epidemic period to express the public’s determination to fight against the epidemic; the lyrics are straightforward and can be spread without the song itself.

The power of “platform”: the short video platform has an active music ecology, which lays the foundation for the frequent production and mass consumption of music content; the platform creates popular money through operation; the short video makes music “visible”, adds an experience dimension for music, and enhances the appeal of music; The dissemination threshold of music in short video platform is low and the path is wide. UGC content is expanding and accelerating the dissemination of music works.

The collocation tiktok, the classic song, is again “red” in short video platform, adapted by many voice music musicians, and then paired with the Mongolia dance which is adorable and learning. The KOL of the head quickly detonated the topic, causing other creators and users to follow suit, and the songs and videos were double brushed.

Under the “short video + music” ecology, people, content and platform are closely connected, providing more possibilities and space for old songs to become popular, original pop music and divine music to come out of the circle.

As the role of “catalyst” and “seasoning”, music heats up popular video works. When music is used as BGM, the popular video content often has the same rhythm and high integration, and the video content is consistent with the music tonality.

For example, @ Peng shizuelaf changed the style of BGM with the stirring song “an old dream”. The style of BGM is sometimes old-fashioned and sometimes cool. The change node is stuck at the beginning of each lyric, which makes it feel good and good-looking.

When the song singing or music performance is the video content itself, the presentation and interpretation of music works by musicians become the popular gene. At the same time, the popularity and volume of the pop song itself also create momentum for the song’s cover adaptation video, helping it become a pop song.

For example @ Alpine_ The pop song “he just passed by” is out of tune. It’s magical and funny. The video has 2.2 million positive comments.

Celebrities may benefit or be limited by “short video + music”

Short video platform supports music celebrities greatly and delicately, which helps musicians improve their popularity and commercialization. Short video also enables music celebrities to create three-dimensional human facilities beyond music elements.

Through the platform’s accurate content distribution and professional work management, musicians can better reach and accumulate “bosom friends” and adjust the direction of creation.

Because the fission of pop music depends on the second creation, the exposure of musicians still depends on the platform to guide and clarify the corresponding relationship between music works and musicians.

“Short video + music” is a powerful tool for star singers to publicize songs and expand their personal voice. Singers enter the short video platform and publicize new songs, allowing users to complete the “one-stop” experience from music consumption to star chasing interaction, helping star singers accumulate social assets.

When new songs are publicized on the short video platform, users’ attention is more likely to focus on the singer himself, but the reddening of old songs is still difficult to translate into the exposure of the original singer.

For non music celebrities, music provides materials and ideas for their content creation, making their content richer, more interesting and more powerful. Non music celebrities use pop music to quickly capture users’ attention and stimulate users’ expectations; the unique advantages of non music celebrities and music complement each other, and pop videos are easier to create.

“Short video + music” actively attracts brand owners

Short video allows users to “see” the brand character through music, so as to better interpret the brand concept. For example, the song “I want to see you” is soft embedded with Coca Cola product features in the lyrics. The fresh and pleasant style conveys the refreshing breath of “summer + cold drink”, and the song itself has become a popular music.

The brand transforms users’ deep memory of pop music melody into a firm memory point of the brand, and quickly captures users’ mind. In addition, the short video platform connects the music industry with the brand, and the platform + high-quality musicians play short video + music to create customized marketing for the brand.

Short video platform accelerates its march into the whole music industry chain

Short video tiktok has become a new source of pop music, and the competition between the Kwai and the fast hand in the upstream supply side of the music industry will be more intense.

In the mid stream music promotion end, short video upgrades the music promotion form and communication mode, and the short video platform has gradually become a new position for star singers and musicians to promote new songs. The resources between short video platform and music streaming media are continuously integrated.

In the downstream music consumer end, the short video form is also changing the music exploration and music consumption mode of users, providing users with increment for the whole music industry, and the decision-making power of users on the music pop trend is becoming more and more prominent.

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