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Wechat video Number: a private domain operation tool based on the creator. Video number is a short content tool for private domain based on creator. Wechat iterates convenient creation functions, a large number of traffic entrances and complete cashing tools for video numbers, so that creators can start quickly.

The unique communication mechanism of video number with “friend” social relationship chain as the core determines: 1) long tail content, 2) layered audience, 3) longer starting time. Tiktok and Kwai are different.

Wechat video number has a significant advantage of latecomer. First of all, wechat app has the function of high frequency and low frequency. Secondly, the Kwai has accumulated mature operational experience in the competition between the jitter and the tiktok ecology. Thirdly, the Kwai tiktok’s social relations chain is different from the algorithm of shaking hands, which can accommodate more high-quality and niche vertical field creators. This is the competitive advantage of wechat.

Wechat business: with the supplement of video number, the business value of wechat may be greatly improved. In 2020, wechat will continue to strengthen the private domain re purchase empowerment of businesses from wechat apps to enterprise wechat. In the past year, the year-on-year growth of Gmv of wechat apps was 154%, and the year-on-year growth of Gmv of self operated businesses was 255%.

The launch of the video Number complements the front-end marketing diversion link of “marketing transaction repurchase” of wechat end businesses. The opening of the “video number – small program / small store – wechat group / enterprise wechat” operation link has greatly enhanced the attraction of wechat ecology to businesses.

Through the video number to supplement wechat on the content side, the commercial value of its content payment and enterprise operation are greatly improved. We roughly estimate that according to the three-year time dimension, 1) the annual sales volume of wechat pan e-commerce businesses is expected to reach 5 trillion, 2) the additional advertising contribution based on the above commercial volume is expected to reach 50 billion or more, and 3) the annual reward volume of video number live broadcast can exceed 100 billion yuan.

As soon as the video number came out, the Internet battlefield was filled with smoke. Short video track, wechat video number or become the first pole of private domain. In the platform relying on social circle for communication, creators may try to transfer their creative operation focus or matrix to video number because of the attraction of video number. At present, in a short period of time, a number of creators who are prone to 100000 + likes have emerged in the video number. The future short video track or public domain will see the tiktok and the private area watching video signals.

Before, wechat was regarded as the core operation scenario of e-commerce circuit. We estimate that wechat will account for the high single digit market share of e-commerce circuit in 2020. The launch of the video Number complements the marketing diversion function, so that wechat can not only stably occupy the re purchase, but also attack the marketing diversion. This may change the competition pattern of wechat in the future e-commerce circuit and usher in a brighter moment for wechat business ecology.

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