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Automatic driving leads the new revolution of automobile intelligence From 2021 Shanghai Auto Show opens

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On April 19, the 19th Shanghai International Auto Show opened. We deeply felt the change of the automobile industry in the process of field research. With the increasing penetration of electrification, intelligent (Internet) is expected to become an important direction for automobile manufacturers to create product differentiation. We believe that with the further development of automobile intelligent networking, the automobile will evolve from a simple travel tool to a mobile intelligent space integrating travel, entertainment and office functions, which will be able to provide a variety of mobile services, and the era of software defined automobile is gradually coming.

Intelligent automobile is the industry trend, and the penetration rate of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving continues to improve. At present, intelligent automobile has become the industry trend, and its main landing scenarios are divided into intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving. 1) Intelligent cockpit is an interactive interface between human and vehicle. The intelligent cockpit is equipped with intelligent networking devices or services, which makes the interaction between “people vehicle road cloud” richer in content and smoother in form and process. Representative solutions include driver behavior monitoring (DMS), one core multi screen, multi screen interaction, AI vehicle assistant, etc. 2) Intelligent driving is the interface between vehicle and environment. In addition to automatic driving solutions such as FSD, NOA and xpilot, there are also auxiliary driving products such as BSD, AEB and ACC which are independently configured. Automatic driving is the most frequently mentioned hot word during the auto show.

Under the trend of networking, focus on the infrastructure properties of 5g and v2x. 1) 5g is the infrastructure of streaming media in vehicle environment. The combination of 5g and on-board intelligent hardware will further upgrade voice interaction, intelligent entertainment, driving information assistance and other functions, and comprehensively improve the driving experience. 2) V2x is the infrastructure for vehicle road collaboration and autonomous driving. V2x wireless communication technology can organically combine “people vehicle road network cloud” and other traffic participation elements, which can not only support vehicles to obtain more information than single vehicle perception, promote the innovation and application of automatic driving and other technologies, but also help to support the construction of an intelligent transportation system, and promote the development of automobile and transportation services according to the new mode of business.

Under the trend of intellectualization, the business model of automobile sales is expected to usher in changes. In addition to intellectualization and networking, the business model changes brought about by technological changes are also a big attraction. Previously, the whole vehicle factory was more similar to “one hammer sale” when delivering, that is, it could not realize continuous charging after delivery. However, with the advent of the era of “software defined car”, intelligent car has gradually evolved into three business models: 1) one time buyout system, such as GAC adigo driving assistance system, which is divided into 12800 yuan, 19600 yuan and 28600 yuan according to the different functions.

Tesla’s FSD can also be bought out in a lump sum of 64000 yuan. 2) Subscription system, such as super cruise of general motors, ads of Huawei and FSD of Tesla. 3) Looking at cars from the perspective of space, for example, Evergrande uses its accumulated years of real estate sales experience to create “car family integration”

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