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In 2021, China’s open road unmanned bus routes will reach 54.6 km, ranking first in the world From CB Insights

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During the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, “China’s first 5g unmanned bus line operation report” (hereinafter referred to as “report”) will be officially released. This is the first report on the operation of unmanned public transportation in China, which was jointly launched by CB insights China, a global market data research platform, China Mobile, a mobile operator, and Qingzhou Zhihang, an unmanned company.

According to the report, at present, China, the United States, Finland and Germany have deployed unmanned public transport operating on open roads. Among them, the total length of open road unmanned bus routes in China ranks first in the world, 8.6 times that of the United States, which ranks second. According to the data, the total length of unmanned bus routes in operation in China’s open roads is 54.6 km, accounting for about 85% of the total length of global routes.

In terms of covering cities, Suzhou’s total length of open road unmanned bus routes is 15.3km, which is 53% more than Chongqing’s, and Shenzhen’s is the third.

According to Yu Qian, co-founder and CEO of Qingzhou Zhihang, unmanned bus refers to L4 level automatic bus. Suzhou Q1 line is positioned as urban microcirculation bus, aiming to solve the problem of “last three kilometers” for urban residents. At present, the microcirculation unmanned bus deployed by light boat intelligent navigation has been extended to Suzhou, Shenzhen and other cities. According to Zhou Jun, deputy manager of Customer Department of Suzhou mobile group, more than 130 intelligent networked sensing devices are deployed on this line, covering 12 intersections. Within the regional scope, China Mobile’s 5g network transmission rate reaches 500mbps, and the delay is less than 15ms. Based on 5g network, it has realized traffic signal broadcasting, 5g over the horizon sensing, vehicle vehicle cooperation and other applications.

The report compares the passenger carrying situation of unmanned bus and unmanned taxi from the perspective of the number of order services per vehicle per day. The average number of order services per vehicle per day of unmanned bus Q1 in Suzhou is 58, while the average number of order services per vehicle per day of unmanned taxi in China is nearly 10, which is 4.85 in the United States.

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