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The landing of technical standards and strong policy stimulation drive the acceleration of the industrial chain of the Internet of vehicles. A number of breakthroughs in the industrial chain lay a good foundation for the commercial landing of the Internet of vehicles. Relevant enterprises with card advantages are expected to benefit first in the period of commercial landing.

Based on the c-v2x industrial chain, the relevant chip and module manufacturers are expected to benefit first. The relevant listed companies include Datang Telecom, mobile communication and mobile communication. In addition, navigation and high-precision map as the basic application usher in the development window period, and the relevant listed companies are NavInfo and CNOOC.

In terms of intelligent driving, ADAS, as the first step of driverless driving, is still in the lead-in period and has high growth attributes. The relevant sensor manufacturers mainly include Desai, SIV, etc.

From the perspective of policy driven industrial development sequence, commercial vehicles take the lead in deploying on-board terminals to benefit OBU manufacturers, and then rely on the government to pay for the start-up of RSU early-stage network construction. With the continuous improvement of network coverage, the penetration rate of front mounted T-box is promoted, so as to realize vehicle road coordination, promote the upgrading of highly intelligent driving, and make the penetration rate of intelligent network connected vehicle industry in vehicle and network not high The spiral rise is gradually realized in the process of lifting.

Under 5g and artificial intelligence enabling, with the increase of national policy support for the Internet of vehicles industry and the blowout of pilot demonstration area, we expect that the deployment of RSU in T-box of commercial vehicles and Expressway & urban intersection will benefit first. The relevant listed companies include Ruiming technology, Hongquan Internet of things, hongruan Technology, qianfang technology, Jinyi technology, Wanji technology, etc.

RSU road test deployment is expected to improve the penetration rate of vehicle front mounted terminals. Meanwhile, RSU market participants and OBU market are highly overlapped. At present, the main players in the market include Huawei, Datang, qianfang, Jinyi, etc., all of which have launched v2x RSU and OBU equipment. In the future, communication equipment manufacturers (Huawei, Datang), operators, traditional etc manufacturers (Jinyi, Wanji), transportation integrators (qianfang), etc Car road collaborative venture enterprises (Xingyun Internet) will coexist for a long time.

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