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Americans think violent content should be suspended by social media From YouGov

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Most Americans believe that social media sites should suspend accounts that publish violent content (70%) or hate speech (71%), promote racial division (71%), support overthrowing the government (66%) or spread false information (63%).

About half (46%) of the respondents who voted for president trump in 2020 said trump tweeted too often; one third (34%) thought the number of tweets was appropriate. Only 7% of trump voters want to see more tweets from the president.

There have been questions about the president’s tweets and how to read them. More than a quarter of Americans don’t think they represent government policy. Many people don’t take them seriously or even believe them. Most of the public believe only a part of the president’s tweets (20%), or not at all (36%).

Three quarters of the public (73%) said that the rules for deleting offensive social media posts from political leaders or candidates should be the same as those for deleting offensive social media posts from ordinary people.

Only one in five Americans (21%) think President Trump’s use of Twitter is appropriate; two thirds (64%) disagree.

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