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The news campaign, as it has been reported in the past year, has provided people with an endless stream of economic and social downturns in the past year. Twitter this week released an annual list of how people will remain self entertaining and engaged on the platform in 2020.

Since most people stayed indoors during the new crown pandemic, it is no surprise that isolation was mentioned 1.6 million times. In a year when “going out” has become a euphemism for a short walk, the number of tweets about “going home” has increased by 143% over 2019. Although the new crown topic dominated in 2020, the social justice movement played an important role in shaping the United States this year.

Around the world, people use Twitter to promote what they believe, as the year-end trend of the platform shows. The use of transrightsarehumanrights increased by 557%, and the black lives matter was the third most used label in 2020.

In August, manway’s “Panther” star Chadwick boseman died at the age of 43 after fighting cancer for four years. A large number of netizens mourned his unfortunate death. The tweet announcing his death was the most liked, forwarded and discussed tweet in the United States in 2020.

South Korean men’s bulletproof Youth League (BTS) has become the most popular musician on twitter in the United States for four consecutive years. This seven member team with more than 31 million followers on Twitter is continuing to build a strong fan base. They call themselves a.r.m.y., which is the abbreviation of adorable representative m.c.for youth. Kanye West, who failed to run for president this year, ranked second in Twitter’s music review, followed by superstar Beyonce.

BTS has also been named the most mentioned star on twitter. Kobe Bryant, the late NBA superstar, was the second most mentioned star in a helicopter crash earlier this year, along with eight other people. Laker star LeBron James followed, Kanye Weiss and Beyonce ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

This year, twitter also compiled a list of celebrities with the most fans growing. The former pop singer, James Brown, and Lilly, are former pop stars.

With the closure of cinemas across the United States, people have turned to streaming media services and television programs to fill the gap. Michael Jordan’s “the last dance,” which records the NBA legend’s last championship with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, is the most talked about TV show on twitter. Also attracting attention were tiger king and the bachelor, which came in second and third, respectively.

Here’s more of Twitter’s 2020 inventory:

Most popular tweets in the United States

@Chadwick Bosman – tweet announcing his death.

@Barack Obama – his tweet of respect for Kobe Bryant.

@Andy ilonakis – his tweet about jokes about astronauts leaving earth.

@Kamala Harris – her “we did it, Joe!” video.

@Joe Biden – his post election tweet.

Wei reignsupreme_ – tweets announcing that they don’t have cancer.

@Kobe Bryant – he tweeted with respect for LeBron James.

@Twitter – promises that if everyone wears a mask, there will be a tweet with an edit button.

@Barack Obama – Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama.

] Melaniee – tweet announcing that they don’t have cancer.

Most talked about TV shows on twitter

The last dance

Tiger king

The bachelorr

Saturday night live

The daily show with Trevor Noah

The Mandalorian

Grey’s anatomy

The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon


The late late show with James Corden

The most talked about reality show on twitter

The bachelorr

90 day fianc é

Live PD

Rupaul’s drag race

The masked singer

Most discussed streaming programs on Twitter:

“Raising a tiger” (Netflix)

“Disney +”


Umbrella Academy (Netflix)


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