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In depth report of script industry in 2021 From China Merchants Securities

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Core point:

1. Screenplay originated from Party Games, playing set + interaction to enhance immersion. In March 2016, mango TV launched China’s first star reasoning variety show “star detective” and became a phenomenal variety show, which greatly promoted the development of the industry. From 2019 to 2020, the script killing industry has formed an industrial ecology with script creators – script publishers – script distribution platform – Online Game App / offline stores as the main axis, and the industry is gradually mature. The highlight of screenplay game mainly lies in the sense of substitution and the fun of reasoning social interaction, while the face-to-face mode of offline screenplay game is more social than online mode, which is suitable for the entertainment of large plate time group, and provides supporting props and costumes, with a strong sense of substitution. Has become one of the mainstream offline entertainment.

2. The industry ecology is becoming more and more mature, and the market head tendency is revealed. The franchise system is expected to obtain development opportunities in the future. In 2021, the industry scale is expected to reach 17.02 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of about 45%. In the long run, the domestic market space is expected to reach 200 billion yuan. At present, scripts kill script creators in the industry chain to create scripts. Script publishers distribute and promote scripts and sell them to script distribution platforms or online apps. Script distribution platforms finally sell high-quality scripts to offline stores. The creator’s business model is mainly divided, and the profitability is weak; The distributor mainly sells scripts, which is the most profitable link in the industry chain; Offline stores are the main consumption scene, and consumers are enthusiastic about participating. In the future, the market will expand rapidly and the tendency of market head will be revealed. With the entry of capital, the franchise system is expected to obtain development opportunities.

3. Mango hypermedia layout new real entertainment track, multi-dimensional IP development to achieve dimension reduction. On April 30, 2021, the first store of mango TV star detective, mango m-city star detective Changsha store, opened. It is estimated that the annual revenue of a single store can reach 4 million yuan. Mango super media has first-class screenwriter reserve and industrial script creation ability, which can meet the needs of script updating and iteration under the characteristics of script consumption. Relying on the advantages of the platform, mango ecology is expected to take this opportunity to further enrich. In the future, relying on mature IP resources and multi platform cooperation, the company’s in-depth development capability of IP resources is expected to continue to improve.

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