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Instagram users in Western Europe increase by 17.0% in 2020 From eMarketer

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In 2020, the monthly number of instagram users in Western Europe will increase by 17.0% to 132.8 million. This is more than three times the growth rate predicted before the pandemic (5.2%), and is equivalent to an additional 19.3 million users over 2019.

In June 2020, emarketer estimates that instagram’s user base will grow by 10.4% to 125.4 million. A comparison of the forecasts for November 2019 and October 2020 shows that there will be 14.3 million more users in the region today than predicted before the pandemic began.

By 2021, instagram user growth in Western Europe will decline to 4.8% as pandemic related conditions have led to more users registering or increasing their usage. However, with the re introduction of “home” measures in some countries and the rise in social and commercial activities, the number is likely to rise.

For example, in Facebook’s second quarter 2020 earnings conference call, COO Sheryl Sandberg talked about an Italian coffee shop that successfully used its instagram account to promote online sales and free door-to-door delivery.

There is evidence that social e-commerce has taken root elsewhere in the region. A study conducted by Channel Advisor and dynata in August 2020 found that 20% of adult online shopping customers in the UK said they had bought a product after seeing instagram posts or advertisements since the beginning of hubris, up from 17% in May 2020.

Jasmine Enberg, senior analyst at emarketer, said: “by 2020, Western European countries with the fastest growth of instagram users are also the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, such as France, Spain and Italy. Although it is not possible to accurately analyze how much of the acceleration has been caused by the pandemic, it is clear that staying at home has stimulated shopping on social platforms and brought new user registration. “

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