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Making friends with sound From Special research report on social voice

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Core point: voice social service has been developed in the domestic Internet social market for more than 20 years, including voice live broadcast, voice dating, voice chat room, etc. From the perspective of development prospects, we are optimistic about social products that focus on the features that are not easy to be replaced in voice applications, and small and beautiful voice social products for sub groups. We believe that social products with outstanding sound performance characteristics, represented by Tencent Music Entertainment (TME. N)’s national karaoke “Song room” and Bili. O’s cat ear FM, are expected to maintain a leading position in the market segment, maintain Tencent Music Entertainment’s “overweight” rating, and maintain Bili Bili’s “buy” rating.

Sound social form is rich and mature

The main forms of voice social communication include voice live broadcast (such as music performance, communication and interaction), voice friend making (1v1 audio conversation), voice chat room (such as online karaoke room, voice group discussion, etc.). Voice social networking has developed for more than 20 years in the domestic Internet social market. It has gone through various forms, such as web chat room, voice chat software, 1v1 telephone voice, audio live broadcast, multi person voice chat app, etc. the underlying technology and service functions are very mature.

Leading cross-border + vertical applications, different applications focus on different consumption scenarios

According to the different consumption content and consumption scenarios of social services, the main players of voice social networking can be divided into music extension applications (such as online singing room of national Karaoke), long audio extension applications (such as Himalayan voice live broadcast), two-dimensional extension applications (such as BiliBili’s cat’s ear FM), game extension applications (such as TT voice) and vertical voice social applications (such as hand claw) 、Soul、Clubhouse)。

Video trend (external cause) and self limitation of audio media form (internal cause) are two potential constraints of voice social interaction

Kwai tiktok: video content consumption and video social networking are rapidly rising. In December 2020, the proportion of users who live in the voice / fast hand watching has reached 84.5%/83.8%. Internal causes: voice social networking is limited by the weak connection brought by anonymity, the viscosity between users and users / platforms is weak, and it is difficult to precipitate content to form platform barriers; compared with text social networking, voice social networking is difficult to retain and share, and compared with video live broadcasting, it has less room to play, so voice social networking is vulnerable to the two-sided attack from stable text social networking and leading video social networking Strike.

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