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The impact of the new epidemic on games not only means that sales of games increased last year, but also more people talked about games on twitter. According to the latest statistics, Twitter users released more than 2 billion game related tweets in 2020, an increase of 75% over the previous year. The new crown epidemic has had a devastating impact on many enterprises, such as cruise operators and airlines, but some enterprises also benefit from the fact that more people choose family entertainment under the blockade.

Now is the period of streaming media service prosperity, and PC shipment has the highest growth in ten years. In terms of games, both hardware and software have seen a huge increase in sales and game duration, which can be reflected from the chat volume on social media. The number of game tweeters is also increasing, up 29% from 2019.

Games are the sixth most popular topic on twitter. In this category, the most popular topics are games, game news, e-sports, game influencers, game console, fortress night, call of duty, minecraft, animal forest and Xbox. While one might think the United States has the most tweets, it ranks second behind Japan. Other countries in the top six include South Korea, Brazil, Thailand and the UK.

Animal forest is the most talked about game on twitter, followed by fate / grand order, which is a free mobile game in Japan in 2015 and is very popular in China. As of 2019, the global total revenue will exceed US $4 billion. With the digitization of last year’s major conferences, a lot of game activities can be released on twitter. The 2020 game awards are the most popular on twitter, followed by the future game activities on ps5.

The number of E-sports tweets has also increased. In 2020, the number of Posts related to this topic increased by 14%, while League of heroes 2020 world championship is the most watched event, faze clans is the team most watched by Twitter users, and mongral is the e-sports player most watched by Twitter users.

Camia: sub application & Game Q1 Top 100 download list: flurry, Indonesia: Games and social games occupy the top two mobile users in the U.S. in 2011. Ipsos: technology tracking report in the fourth quarter of 2017. Emarketer: advertising opportunities of social games, users’ positive feedback on social games. Fosi: 55% of parents will closely monitor their children’s online activities. Southeast Asia: camia, Singapore in Q1 download list of applied games in 2018 : 2008.5.30-2018.6.05 top 40 applications and games in Southeast Asia Weekly camia: may 23-29, 2018 top 40 applications and games free list in Indonesia, India, Thailand and the Philippines Survey shows that games are more attractive to students smart TV survey: video, games and educational applications rank the top three newzoo: it is estimated that the global game market will reach US $91.5 billion in 2015, and the Chinese market will reach US $22.2 billion McCurry: research shows that E-sports has become the seventh largest industry in the world, and smart watch games are coming. What’s the future?

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