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Research on the organizational structure changes of Internet giants From Huachuang securities

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The size of Internet giants is not only reflected in the performance and user scale, but also in the number of employees. When we are discussing Internet giants such as meituan, Tencent, Alibaba, and byte, we should always remember that we are talking about companies with 50000 to 100000 employees, and it may only take a few years for these companies to grow from 10000 to 50000. How to maintain high-speed development and innovation vitality under the premise of huge volume is the most important problem for every giant, and also the deepest problem under the performance. For organizations, management and internal culture are destiny. This series of reports hopes to trace the logic and logic behind the changes of Tencent’s core organizational structure, such as Ali, US, Kwai, bytes, etc., and jump out of the framework of financial research, and explore the governance system and development direction of the company from a more realistic perspective.

Organizational structure and product matrix are the two most important development logics of Internet companies, and these two core factors are mutually determined. Due to the different track and product development logic, several Internet giants have different infrastructure. As a social leader, Tencent’s products determine resources; as an e-commerce leader, Alibaba’s Gmv determines resources; as a traffic leader, byte beating data determines resources; as a local life leader, meituan’s single quantity determines resources.

The scale of 10000 employees is the watershed of the leapfrog development of Internet companies, so here we only focus on several core Internet giants with more than 10000 employees. People are the core assets of Internet companies. To explore the distribution of human resources structure of enterprises, we can find out which business departments are fully resourced and supported, and restore enterprises from a more real perspective. More than 70% of Jingdong’s employees are warehousing and distribution, more than 60% of meituan’s employees are BD, and 40% of Alibaba’s employees are operation and customer service.

By comparing the organizational structure of several different industries, we divide the giants into two categories: 1. Business group mechanism – business products as the core architecture. 2. The mechanism of big middle platform and small front desk is to form the big middle platform and support the small front desk with the three infrastructures of storage, computing and R & D as the core architecture. Interestingly, the formation of these two kinds of organizational structures is not much related to the industry, but more determined by the speed of business growth and the response speed of system business. Tencent, the leader of social field, and meituan, the leader of local life business, have jointly chosen the business group mechanism, mainly because Tencent takes the continuous expansion of products as the core, while meituan takes the continuous expansion of business as the core. Alibaba, the leader of e-commerce, and the leader of short video, both choose the mechanism of big middle platform and small front desk, which is due to the fact that both of them have experienced the process of modularization of IT infrastructure caused by the surge of online transaction or user demand. We believe that it infrastructure, modular distributed services and open source software development system are the core foundation of cloud computing business.

Tencent, a typical representative of business group mechanism. From bu (business unit) business group system to BG (business group) business group system, the structure of general office, business group, business line and business group is formed, and top-down strategy communication and bottom-up trend sensitive capture are completed.

Meituan, a typical representative of business group mechanism. Always take delivery, wine travel, to store, transportation and other business groups as the core + platform T-type strategy.

From business group to middle stage evolution Kwai Fu. Break the mountain top of business group and evolve to the middle stage.

Alibaba, a typical representative of the mechanism of big, middle and small front desk. De “IOE”, from relying on commercial software to embracing open source software, and finally strengthening independent research and development to form cloud computing technology.

The typical representative of the system of big middle platform and small front desk 2 — byte beating. Light app factory driven by “big middle platform and small front desk” supports fast business iteration. In developing different business processes, we gradually build up a system that supports the tiktok fast trial and error system with support from the big and medium stations, and successfully supports the rapid growth of APP users such as jitter. In the front end, the staffing of a single product is often a few to a dozen people, which is lighter than Alibaba.

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