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Social life report of Spring Festival on cloud in 2021 Guangdong received the most wechat red packets From WeChat

The following is the Social life report of Spring Festival on cloud in 2021 Guangdong received the most wechat red packets From WeChat recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: social networks.

The WeChat school WeChat official account released the report on social life of Spring Festival on 2021 clouds today, the data time segment is thirty to fifth day of the lunar new year. According to the report, Guangdong has become the province with the largest number of wechat red packets. Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province and Hebei Province were the top five provinces for sending and receiving red packets.

The following is the full text of wechat “2021 Spring Festival social life report on cloud”:

Spring Festival and New Year customs

Who is the original spring festival waiting for people?

Take away, of course. During the Spring Festival, the activity of take out in wechat increased 163% year on year, which warmed the new year of 100 million people

Which province is the least economical to send wechat red envelopes?

Guangdong Province has become the province with the largest number of red packets. Paili is that Guangdong Province has no red packets at all

How many wechat red envelope covers should be collected for the Spring Festival?

During the Spring Festival, the total number of wechat red envelope covers was 30 million, and the number of red envelope covers per capita was 7.37

More reading: wechat: on New Year’s Eve in 2017, wechat users sent and received 14.2 billion red packets, an increase of 75.7% over last year. Tencent: in the Spring Festival of 2015, the two platforms of wechat QQ sent and received 1.6 billion yuan of red packets. Wechat: in the Spring Festival of 2016, the total number of red packets received and received by wechat reached 8.08 billion. Wechat: “520 red packets” big data in 2016 There was no parallel in history. The Ma Yun VS Ma Huateng, WeChat Alipay red pack War: unprecedented history – the information map 2015, the red envelopes of the Mid Autumn Festival, the total amount of 2 billion 200 million red envelopes, two times the eve of the Qixi Festival, the total amount of red envelopes was 1 billion times the peak of new year’s Eve, the information map 2018 2016 Spring Festival red envelopes map, WeChat, 2015 Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan occupy the top three Chinese banks: three quarters of Chinese plan to distribute e-red packets in the Spring Festival. Ali: Spring Festival big data inventory in the year of the dog in 2018. The peak value of Tencent’s mobile payment reached 208000 transactions / second in the Spring Festival of 2017. Penguin Zhiku: the survey report of Chinese mobile phone users’ habits in the Spring Festival of 2015. Surrounded by the information map, Tencent’s red packet enterprise has made a big start in the Spring Festival! Information map Alipay: the average amount of red envelopes in 2016 was 182 yuan.

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