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According to a new survey conducted by generation lab, the next generation of college educated Americans believe that social media companies have too much power and influence over politics, and they should be more regulated by the government, according to Axios, a foreign media report.

It is understood that these survey results are obtained after an election dominated by rampant false information about voting fraud on social media. People, including former president trump, are the objects of concern for major companies to stifle false information. The deadly riot against the election on January 6 was mainly organized on the Internet.

From the data, most of the young Democrats (52%) said that large technology companies should be more regulated by the government. Most young Republicans (43%) share the same view. The vast majority (96% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats) also believe that social media companies have too much power and influence in politics.

The national survey of 852 two-year and four-year college students, conducted from January 22 to 25, is one of the first to examine young people’s responses to the end of the trump era, the early administration of Biden and related governance challenges.

So far, this democratic group has overwhelmingly supported and favored Biden. The majority (54%) considered him the leader of the Democratic Party, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders, vice president Kamala Harris, Alexander okashio Cortes and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

By contrast, in their minds, Trump’s position as a Republican leader has slipped to second place (25%), behind Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (36%), but ahead of Senator Mitt Romney (18%) and former vice president Mike burns (17%).

62% of respondents said Biden should seek comprehensive legislation even without Republican support. Cyrus beschloss, CEO of generation lab, told Axios: “young people are actually very interested in Joe Biden. Now, they want him to deliver results – climate action, bold stimulus, expanded health care – even if he can’t convince Republicans. “

Generation Z and young millennials breathe the breath of social media and technology, and they are confident in their ability to use these platforms and detect misinformation. However, with a clear bipartisan agreement, they believe that the power of large technology companies must be constrained.

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