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59% of Japanese respondents think the Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled

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The Olympic Games is one of the most concerned sports events in the world. The Tokyo Olympic Games, originally scheduled to be held in 2020, has been postponed to 2021 due to the epidemic. However, it seems that whether the Olympic Games can be held successfully this year is still a mystery. Recently, the global situation has become tense again due to the outbreak of the epidemic in India. Many countries have even been attacked by the mutated virus, and more and more voices against the scheduled holding of the Olympic Games have emerged in Japan.

According to the results of the national opinion survey released by Japan, 59% of the respondents think that the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer should be “cancelled”, 23% think that it should be “held without audience”, and 16% think that it should be “held with limited audience”.

In addition, the former president of the Japanese Bar Association, Kenji Yudu, started to ask for the cancellation of the Olympic Games’ signature on the Internet from May 5. As of the morning of May 10, more than 310000 people supported the suspension of the Olympic Games.

At present, the relevant departments of the Japanese government are still evaluating the strategy of the Olympic Games, including the option of “canceling” this year’s meeting.

Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei also said publicly that his first task is to protect the lives and health of the Japanese people, and the first thing to do is to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Japan will also provide Pfizer’s new coronavirus vaccine free of charge to the athletes’ delegation of various countries and regions participating in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At the same time, he also stressed that the International Olympic Committee is in charge of the final decision of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and the role of the Japanese government is to ensure the safe holding of the Olympic Games.

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