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About 80 percent of Japanese said the Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled or postponed because of growing concerns about a surge in coronavirus cases across the country, according to a Kyodo News Agency poll on Sunday. The survey found that 35.3% of the people want to cancel the Olympic Games, and 44.8% support to postpone the Olympic Games again. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was postponed to July 23rd to August 8th in Tokyo.

Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei announced a state of emergency in Greater Tokyo on Thursday and may extend the measure to other regions.

Kan, who has been criticized for dealing with the epidemic, has seen his approval ratings plummet since taking office in September.

Kyodo News Agency’s survey showed that his cabinet’s support rate dropped 9 percentage points from last month to 41.3%, and his non support rate was 42.8%.

The survey found that about 79% of people said that Kan Yiwei’s decision to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo came too late, and 68% expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s response to the epidemic.

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