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It is estimated that the sales volume of iPad with M-series Apple self-developed chip will reach 20% in 2022 From Counterpoint

The following is the It is estimated that the sales volume of iPad with M-series Apple self-developed chip will reach 20% in 2022 From Counterpoint recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Counterpoint, iPad, tablet PC.

According to reports, apple is seriously turning its iPad product line into an unparalleled category, not that it has been trying to do it before, but the company’s plans may take it to another level. The plan is to develop more M-series chips designed for these tablets. According to the latest report, 20% of all iPads sold next year will use M-series SOC.

The new report suggests that Apple may also use its m1x or M2 chip in the iPad next year

Counterpoint research believes that in 2022, one in five iPads sold will have M-series chips. If you notice, the report doesn’t specifically mention M1, which exists in the current generation of iPad pro and other products, such as the redesigned 24 inch IMAC. This suggests that Apple may be working on more powerful chipsets to get it into newer models. Given the company’s engineering capabilities in making these chips, it shouldn’t be hard to cram a powerful chip into the newer, thinner iPad pro.

The early M1 iPad Pro benchmark showed that it was 50% faster than the 2020 model; Even better than a 16 inch MacBook   Come on. At least in the performance sector, Apple has made remarkable achievements, so we can expect the history to repeat itself in 2022.

The M1 iPad Pro will be launched in key markets such as the United States around mid May. It may take longer in other markets. As the market demand for M1 based iPads will be very high, considering Apple’s warning that there will be a chip shortage in the second half of 2021, it is estimated that the share of M-series based iPads will remain close to one tenth of the shipment volume this year. For the second half of this year and next year, it is estimated that almost one in five iPads will use M-series SOC. “

Creative professional applications such as Photoshop and illustrator on the iPad have been refitted and launched to ordinary users. It may not be long before professional users can edit high-quality videos and really use 16GB of memory and M1 horsepower. Of course, M1 is just the beginning, and apple is said to be developing its successor. According to various reports and rumors, the company may call it m1x or m2.

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