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The sales volume of PC and tablet will double in Q1 in 2021 From Canalys

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Canalys released its quarterly report on the PC and tablet market. The production and sales figures for the first quarter of 2021 are impressive. The sales of PCs and tablets have doubled from a year ago, and the growth rate of chromebook is 275%. Overall, the tablet industry has been in stable quarterly growth, but compared with the first quarter of 2020, the growth rate was 51.8%.

Except for Huawei, which is struggling to acquire technology from the United States, all major market participants have successfully recorded annual growth.

Canalys splits chromebooks into a separate category because they have distinctive features, first of all laptops or two in one devices, but at the same time they are more affordable, have different chrome based user interfaces, and are dedicated to a specific audience.

Lenovo continues to lead the PC market, ahead of apple, HP, Dell and Samsung. Compared with the first quarter of 2020, the top five have all maintained their positions, but their sales performance has improved.

Brian Lynch, an analyst at canalys, revealed that the education sector may be the key driver of most shipments in all of these categories, but popularity at the consumer level is also generally rising. This kind of situation is compared to the tide, the rise of the water level allows large and small ships to float on the water, so that enterprises can return to the market.

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