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Operation data report of three major operators in February 2021

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Yesterday, the three major operators released their operating data for February. After nearly a year’s efforts to keep a low profile, China Unicom announced its 5g package user data in its monthly report for the first time. According to the data, China Unicom’s 5g package users had a net increase of 6.589 million in February, more than the net increase of the other two in the same period, and the total number of users reached 84.543 million. Although the total number of 5g package users of China Unicom is not the highest or the fastest growing among the operators, it can be said that this time, based on the past performance of China Unicom, it is a “turning over battle”.

5g users: China Mobile is frustrated, China Unicom has accumulated a lot

After entering the 5g era, the traditional business competition pattern of operators has become stable, and it is difficult to make a big breakthrough and subversion.

According to the data, in February, the number of mobile customers of China Mobile decreased by 3.692 million, and the total number of users reached 937169 million. In January this year, the number of mobile users of China Mobile also grew negatively (- 1.05 million); the number of 4G customers of China Mobile increased by 1.707 million, reaching 78133.3 million. It is worth noting that in February, China Unicom no longer announced its 4G users, that is to say, among the three major operators, only China Mobile announced its 4G users. In terms of broadband users, the number of China Mobile’s wired broadband customers increased by 2.013 million, reaching 215.7 million.

In February, China Telecom continued to make steady progress. Mobile users continued to grow, with a net increase of 250000 last month, and the number of mobile users reached 3528 million. In the same month, the number of China Telecom’s wired broadband users increased by 560000, and the total number of wired broadband users was 16043 million.

In February, China Unicom made a big adjustment in its monthly report, announcing the number of 5g package users for the first time, and canceling the disclosure of 4G users. Data show that in terms of mobile business, China Unicom’s mobile billing users decreased by 20000 in February, reaching 306 million in total. In terms of fixed network services, China Unicom’s fixed network broadband users increased by 256 000 in February, reaching 87.163 million in total;

In the most fierce 5g users, China Unicom has made a big splash. In February, the total number of 5g package users reached 84.543 million with a net increase of 6.589 million. As a good partner of China Unicom, China Telecom also performed well in February, with a net increase of 6.2 million 5g package users and a total of 100 million 5g package users (103.37 million). In February, China Mobile’s 5g business was relatively inferior, with a net increase of 4.197 million package customers, but the total number was still the first among operators (173.16 million).

Industry consensus: continue to tap 5g value

5g is regarded as the barometer of operators’ performance in the next stage. Some analysts believe that in the 5g era, the ARPU of operators will be improved, which will drive the revenue and profit of mobile business back to the growth track; at the same time, the industry has a broad space; in addition to the growth potential of the revenue side and the switching of revenue sources, the pressure on the cost side of the three operators is also expected to be eased.

In the financial report of 2020, China Telecom said that in 2021, 4G expenditure will be significantly reduced compared with the same period last year, no longer purchasing main equipment, and further using existing resources, while 5g investment will remain stable. China Unicom said that it will continue to promote 2G streamlining, strive to complete 2G public user withdrawal in 2021, and accelerate 2G public user migration to 4g5g through network industry cooperation.

Under the background of 5g, the three major operators have successively declared that they will no longer fight the price war of package. At present, the 5g package products launched by the three major operators basically have the same set of traffic and call content. Without a price war, operators can put more thoughts into the construction of the network and better serve users.

In the process of 5g network construction, China Telecom and China Unicom jointly built the world’s largest co construction and sharing network, achieving cost saving and efficiency improvement, becoming a successful example of global co construction and sharing. At the opening ceremony of 2021 MWC Shanghai exhibition, Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, once said that in view of the huge construction and operation costs of 5g network, he would actively try to co build and share in various fields to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Some organizations predict that 5g network construction and industrial scale will further grow in 2021. It is expected that telecom operators will continue to maintain the growth rate of large-scale network deployment in 2021, and the number of new 5g base stations will exceed the total number in 2020, reaching 1.5 million in total. In 2021, the investment in 5g network of the four major telecom operators is expected to be 1.5 to 2 times of that in 2020, and the scale of 5g communication industry will exceed 500 billion yuan, an increase of about 150% compared with that in 2020.

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