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The investigation of the epidemic accelerated the digital migration plan of the broadcasting companies From 3Vision

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According to the annual trend survey of content consulting firm 3vision, the global epidemic in 2020 has a significant impact on the television industry. Home isolation has changed the consumption habits of the audience and disrupted the broadcasting, production and advertising industries. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has become a major accelerator of the TV industry.

98% of respondents believed that the epidemic was an accelerator of change and had an irreversible impact on the digital migration plans of broadcasters. Jack Davison, executive vice president of 3vision, said: “the free TV Group is driving diversification. For those broadcasters that are getting rid of the epidemic, maximizing profits from the advertising market is crucial, which means diversification and increasing their business in the digital field. “

68% of executives believe that free TV will make AVOD activities a priority in 2021, and more and more content will be released on the broadcaster’s Ott platform. Data from 3vision’s show tracker, a unique tool for tracking script distribution in global markets, shows that Australian and British broadcasters are in the lead in AVOD in 2020 and expect further activity in other key markets.

In the pay TV environment, the focus of third-party Ott service integration may increase. Discussing this year’s survey results on 3vision’s inside content podcast, Davidson highlighted how pay TV operators such as sky, canal + and Deutsche Telekom have integrated streaming services such as Netflix, discovery +, Disney and Amazon into their ecosystems. “People are appreciating the synergy between pay TV and Ott SVOD services,” Davidson suggests, “which need to be distributed in an increasingly competitive market to capture and retain users. Pay TV operators, facing the pressure of innovation, need to provide more choices and provide customers with what they want. “

88% of respondents said that this year content owners will be more involved in fast (free advertising supported streaming television) services. Fast channel is planned and provided by Ott, which has the feeling and appearance similar to linear TV, as well as different functions. Davidson commented: “I think there is no doubt that content owners will be more involved in the fast channel. What’s interesting is whether the authorization model will change. There is a view that this mode will change from non exclusive mode to some exclusive mode, which may be a necessary condition to win in the increasingly competitive market, and also a necessary condition to really start to make progress. “

This year’s survey also explores other topics, including the evolution of windowing (how broadcasters can use the first window license agreement to provide more screenplays or as exclusive online programs), as well as the complexity of the second window market and the meaning of priority rights.

Source: Advanced Television * this article is compiled by the future media network

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