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During the pandemic, fewer Americans traveled on Thanksgiving this year

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, including health problems and high unemployment rate, is affecting the decision of Thanksgiving trips in the United States, according to AAA Travel. AAA expects travel to fall by at least 10%, the biggest decline since the great recession of 2008.

According to its forecast model in mid October, AAA expects as many as 50 million Americans to travel on Thanksgiving Day, down from 55 million visitors in 2019.

Road travel is the most popular

Self driving tours are expected to decline by 4.3% to 47.8 million, accounting for 95% of all holiday tours.

Few travelers choose airplanes or other modes of travel

AAA expects air passenger traffic to drop nearly half from previous years to 2.4 million. It will be the biggest drop on record.

Other modes of travel are expected to decline by 76% to 353000 people, including buses, trains and cruise ships. Cruise ships still stop at the dock, and more travelers choose to travel by themselves rather than by bus or train.

Inrix predicts a traffic peak on Wednesday afternoon

Traffic volumes are expected to be lower than in the past few years, but travelers in major urban areas will experience more delays at popular congestion locations, 30% higher than normal pandemic congestion levels. Inrix expects traffic to be the highest on Wednesday afternoon.

Lower gasoline prices cater to road travelers

Those who decide to go on the road on Thanksgiving can enjoy cheaper gas prices. On average, gasoline prices in the United States are nearly 50 cents cheaper than the same period last year, and the average price in October was the lowest in 15 years.

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