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50% of Asia Pacific consumers are exploring international travel From Star

The following is the 50% of Asia Pacific consumers are exploring international travel From Star recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Tourism economy.

Asia Pacific and lunar new year tourism trends

According to the data, the travel demand in the Asia Pacific region is mainly driven by domestic demand. In addition to Hong Kong, more than 50% of people are considering exploring international travel. Travel dates are novel coronavirus pneumonia in from February 11th to 14th. In addition to Japan, Thailand and Malaysia, at least 40% of tourists begin to search for new crown pneumonia in the first month before the Spring Festival. In Hong Kong, China, more than 10% of travelers want to book a trip of at least four days.

According to the data, the search demand of domestic hotels in Singapore has greatly improved, with a year-on-year growth of 73%.

Domestic tourism in Australia and New Zealand

By the end of November and December 2020, travel within Australia has grown by 300%. Qantas plans to start international travel routes in July 2021.

When analyzing the future dates of domestic hotel searches in Australia and New Zealand, travelers expect to book hotels in advance much less between now and the beginning of the second quarter of this year.

Travel bubbles in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are among the first countries in the Asia Pacific region to open up international travel. The Australian government announced the establishment of a safe tourist zone with New Zealand, allowing visitors from New Zealand to enter the country without quarantine. But when they return home, new Zealanders have to be segregated and bear the economic costs. Data from December 2020 show that the number of New Zealand to Australia travelers increased by 24.2% in February,.

Subsequently, flights from Australia to New Zealand also received attention. Air ticket bookings will increase by 53.8% in December 2020 and 30.2% in January 2021.

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