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52% of Americans support the use of vaccination certificates when traveling abroad From YouGov

The following is the 52% of Americans support the use of vaccination certificates when traveling abroad From YouGov recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: YouGov, Tourism economy.

The State Department has placed about 80% of the world’s list on the list, because the current COVID-19 is advising Americans not to travel to these countries.

The warnings may delay international travel for some Americans, but there are still questions about what global travel will look like in the post new crown era. In a recent opinion poll, Americans tend to think that they need a “vaccine passport” to travel abroad, which will prove that they have been vaccinated (52%). About a third of Americans (36%) think it shouldn’t be a mandatory requirement.

Vaccine passport is recognized by all income groups, but to varying degrees. People with an annual income of less than $50000 agree with 50%, while those with a family income of more than $100000 agree with 33% – 60%.

Americans are also divided on whether they need to be vaccinated to enter some institutions. But many support the production of vaccination certificates or recent negative tests before entering various institutions.

Overall, Americans supported the use of vaccination certificates or negative tests, including cruise ships (61% vs 27%), airlines (56% vs 31%), universities (51% vs 35%) and schools (49% vs 36%).

Americans who were unsure whether to get vaccinated said cruise ships should ask passengers to get vaccinated or to produce a negative test (49% vs 30%). They also believe that airlines should do the same in such closed spaces (43% vs 34%). But they rejected the hotel’s mandatory requirements (30% vs 46%), and disagreed over the testing or vaccination requirements of schools (41% vs 37%) and universities (38% vs 37%).

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