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Forecast of tourism trend in 2021 From RVshare.

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This kind of popularity makes recreational vehicle travel develop rapidly. By 2020, nearly 80% of the tenants will be new users of rvshare platform. For long-distance travel, living in state and national parks, and adventurous family travel, RV rental will continue to be the travel option in 2021. Due to the continuous uncertainty surrounding the covid-19, travelers’ preferences have changed and new travel trends have emerged.

Traveler’s emotion

40% of respondents said they were unlikely to fly in 2021

More than half of respondents plan to travel domestically in 2021

70% of the respondents said it was important to interact less with other travelers

More respondents plan to spend time with family and friends this year than last year

Tourism trends

Long live RV travel

RV rental will continue to be the preferred option for long-distance travel, family adventure holidays and vacations to state and national parks in 2021. Since May 2020, the popularity of RV travel and RV rental has increased.

75% of people think RV is the ideal choice for self-help travel and fast vacation

77% of the respondents believed that RV travel could make them go outdoors, provide hotel convenience and be more comfortable than camping

57% think RV travel is more attractive than before the pandemic

New era of field work

RV is no longer just parked in grandparents’ driveway. It’s a popular way for young families who want to enjoy outdoor activities. After a long day of exploration, they prefer to lie in bed rather than in tents. As millennials lead, people are changing their way of life. RV will become the mainstream travel choice after the pandemic, especially for Millennials.

Millennials are most likely to rent a car in 2021, with 73% saying so.

68% of millennials said that cowid-19 made them find RV travel more attractive than before the pandemic

61% of respondents thought RV would be a good place to work

Many will abandon their travel plans for 2021

57% of consumers surveyed are likely to travel within the United States. However, there is resistance to premature planning for quarantine, cleanliness and refund, which has aroused people’s concern.

75% of respondents said they needed to be flexible when booking travel because the guide to cowid was always changing

63% of respondents didn’t know their holiday plans for next year

72% of travelers don’t want to book too much before the travel date

“Custom holidays”

Due to persistent cowid-19 security issues and changing consumer preferences, two thirds of travelers are looking for accommodation so they can control cleaning and sanitation facilities. As travelers turn to self cooking accommodation with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, interest in RV travel is surging. RV vacations offer highly flexible and tailored travel plans and allow outdoor activities.

32% of the respondents said the RV would be their preferred “self cooking” accommodation; in contrast, 30% would like to live with friends or relatives; and 28% would like to stay in a holiday home.

New York and Illinois are the latest RV travel States

In 2021, RV travel in the United States will continue to surge, and 57% of people think RV travel is more attractive than before covid-19. Since the beginning of the hubris epidemic, New York and Illinois have become “RV states.”. Tourists prepare to change city life into beaches, mountains and fresh air.

Rents in New York are up 186% year on year

Year on year rent growth in Illinois + 174%

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