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2021 travel photography report: the fastest growth after 70:00 From Fliggy

The following is the 2021 travel photography report: the fastest growth after 70:00 From Fliggy recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Travel booking.

May Day holiday is just around the corner. You can make do with traveling, eating, drinking and sleeping, but you have to pay attention to beautiful photos. Recently, flying pig travel released its 2021 travel photography consumption report. This May Day holiday, travel photography will usher in the peak of booking in the past two years. From “mutual photography”, “self photography” to “travel photography”, travel photography has rapidly completed the “professional level” iteration.

Travel photography is the abbreviation of travel photography, and it is also a kind of tourism service project providing professional travel photography. The flying pig report shows that even in 2020, when tourism consumption is seriously affected, travel photography has maintained a high growth rate, and the order volume of travel photography in the second half of 2020 has exceeded that in the same period of 2019. Feizhu predicts that on May 1 this year, the number of travel bookings will reach the peak in two years.

Such a high popularity is inseparable from the deep “mass base” of tourism photography. According to the research of flying pig, the popularity of travel photography among tourism consumers has reached 85%. Even those who haven’t bought travel photos are 70% interested in booking travel photos on their next trip. Travel photos are really an ordinary fashion maker.

But if we only pay attention to taking photos, not to tourism itself, it is not. In the analysis of the reasons for booking travel photography, the top three are: “focus on beautiful scenery without distraction”, “dissatisfied with your own photography”, “beautiful photo invoice circle”. It can be seen that travel photography is just a way to enjoy the journey.

Interestingly, with travel photography becoming the standard for going out to play, people of every age are keen on travel photography. Among them, there is an interesting “two hot” phenomenon. According to the report of flying pig, the proportion of people who are after 00 and before 70 in the age distribution of travel photography booking is increasing rapidly, and the proportion of people who are after 00 has doubled in the past year, far more than other age groups.

Another interesting phenomenon is that although couples, lovers, girlfriends, parents and children are all the main groups of travel photography, the people who buy travel photography account for the highest proportion, but they are small partners who travel alone. Is it because it’s not embarrassing to have a concave shape alone? Or do you want to dominate your circle of friends alone?

As long as it can be beautiful, the majority of tourists are very generous in spending money. Half day follow-up of 500 yuan and above is above the average in travel photography products, and consumers who choose this price are the most, accounting for more than 60%.

The most popular tourist destinations, such as Yunnan (Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna), Hainan (Sanya), Sichuan (Chengdu, Ganzi), Fujian (Fujian), Fujian, etc., are the most popular tourist destinations. In terms of the number of bookings, people in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu love beauty most.

Feizhu said that after the May Day holiday and the arrival of summer tourism peak season, travel photography booking will continue to rise. With the surging consumption power brought by the rapid recovery of tourism, a series of new tourism features will gradually become the mainstream, such as travel photography, blind box, music festival tour, Guochao Tour and other new games loved by young people, which will lead the development of tourism market. Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day: 2019, after 00 national day, the population of the outbound travel exceeds 300% flying pigs: the May 1 tourism bookings increased by 11 times in 2021 compared with the same period of the year, the people’s net & flying pigs: the characteristics and trend of the global tours of the young people: flying pigs & Alipay: 2019 Chinese summer outbound travel survey report: flying pigs: the average price of air tickets on May 1 in 2020 is 30% lower than last year’s flying pigs: the flight volume of the flying pigs in 2021 Qingming Festival has increased by over 150%. Flying pig: Qingming holiday train tickets and scenic spot bookings increased by more than 100% on a month on month basis flying pig: travel consumer confidence after the epidemic in 2020 28% of users said to wait and see flying pig: 2020 summer travel report to Hainan to become a new favorite flying pig: 2020 Qingming holiday tourism recovery report flying pig: 2019 hard core travel report this session of young people are driving tanks to play AK47 flying pig: 2018 annual travel report The rise of third and fourth tier tourism consumption flying pig: data report of top travel talents in 2019 with annual income over 500000 cbndata & Flying Pig: insight report on new trend of national tourism consumption in 2018 (attached with download) flying pig: parent child travel report in summer in 2018

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