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The latest indicators of traveler sentiment show some good news. According to YouGov in October and November, 51 percent of Americans plan to travel, vacation or travel next year. Among young Americans, the desire to travel is the highest.

According to YouGov, 57% of young people (18-29 years old) and 59% of middle-aged people (30-44 years old) plan to take domestic / international holidays or domestic / international business travel within 12 months. Although one-third of the respondents did not plan to travel, young and middle-aged people were reluctant to do so (24% and 27% respectively). Respondents aged 65 and over seem to be uneasy about travel next year (43%), while a similar proportion said they would take some kind of trip in the next 12 months (42%).

The younger generation may travel earlier because of their perception of coronavirus. Since May, YouGov has been tracking American perceptions of covid-19 and changes in consumption patterns during the pandemic. Nearly half of Americans (45%) were worried about covid-19 infection, and the highest concerns were found in Generation X (47%) and baby boomers (48%). Young Americans, however, seem less worried. Generation Z adults (34%) and millennials (44%) are less worried about their own coronavirus infection and may increase their willingness to travel.

On the other hand, advertisers and tourism brands have more opportunities to interact with potential audiences. According to YouGov, Americans spend more time in front of screens, while the younger generation is driving the growth of online media consumption. During the pandemic, generations Z and millennials interact most with social media platforms, on-demand content and Youtube. Generation Z’s access to every digital media channel has increased, especially for youtube, on-demand content, instagram, tiktok and twitter. Among millennials, on-demand content, youtube, TV and Facebook are the most used.

Throughout the pandemic, many people in the tourism industry have been active online, committed to inspiring and maintaining attention through experienced content, including advertisers and brands. However, it is also important to consider which channels and platforms are most suitable for generations Z and Millennials.

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