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At present, during the May Day travel ticket booking has reached the same period in 2019 two times

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Do you have any plans to go out for the coming Qingming and May Day holidays? If so, you should book the air tickets as soon as possible. According to CCTV, some popular directions around the May Day holiday are very popular. Among them, the high-speed train from Beijing west station to Wuhan station takes only more than 4 hours, and the tickets are lost instantly; less than 5 minutes, the 29 trains from Beijing west station to Zhengzhou east station have no more tickets.

In addition to the railway, the current number of air traffic is also gradually rising. From March 16 to 20, the capital airport took off and landed 5428 flights, carrying 683000 passengers. The passenger flow increased by 50.71% compared with the same period last week.

According to the data, the number of air tickets for travel during May Day has doubled in the same period of 2019. Among the popular routes with high search volume in Qingming and may day, the routes from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Chengdu and Chongqing in Southwest China increased the most year-on-year. The growth rate of tourist routes to Yunnan was the highest.

According to the notice, this year’s May Day has a total of five days off, from May 1 to 5 for five consecutive days, and normal work on April 25 (Sunday) and May 8 (Saturday). As the Qingming and May Day holidays are coming, can you rest assured to travel?

According to CCTV, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the Qingming and May Day holidays are coming. I hope everyone can go out for a walk. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a must for personal protection during travel. This is not only to prevent the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, but also to enjoy the beauty of spring.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have not been reported in China for a long time. This shows that the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is good in China, and the social level is safe. This also opens the green light for the movement of personnel.

At present, in the social level, there should be no mobile confirmed patients. Judging from the implementation of prevention and control measures in China, the possibility of asymptomatic infection in the social level is almost negligible. As long as there are no new infected people in the social level, the flow of people is safe.

Zikuai technology more reading: Flying Pig: the average price of air tickets on May 1, 2020 is 30% lower than that of last year flying pig: the air ticket booking volume of flying pig on Qingming Festival in 2021 rises by more than 150%. Jinlv Consulting: the number of air ticket booking business users of Online travel website in July 2014 Ctrip: 2q20 revenue of 3.2 billion yuan, exceeding the performance index Ctrip: the annual revenue of 18.3 billion yuan in 2020 Ctrip: 2q20 financial report teleconference record no privatization plan Beijing Consumer Association: nearly 80% of the respondents think that the proportion of refund and change fee is unreasonable Jinlv consultation: in 2014, the total transaction volume of China’s air ticket booking market was about 391.23 billion yuan Online penetration of 59.2% Ctrip & Guiyang tourism big data: Guiyang online tourism big data report in the first half of 2018 WTTC: ranking list of global tourism cities in 2018 Ministry of culture and Tourism: 502 million domestic tourists were received nationwide from October 1 to 4, 2018, and the annual passenger throughput of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in 2020 was 43.768 million Cirium, the world’s largest airport: the global air passenger volume will drop by 67% in 2020, and the passenger volume will drop to the level of 21 years ago. China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.: it is estimated that 13 million passengers will be sent by the National Railway on October 8, 2020. Bureau of statistics and census of Macao SAR Government: survey of Macao’s hotel industry in 2019

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