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Affected by the epidemic, the number of people going home for the Spring Festival this year is much lower than in previous years. As a result, railway, highway and air passenger transport are also affected. Adjusted by the relationship between supply and demand, this year’s spring air ticket prices, a record low in recent years. According to the data released by qunar, an online travel platform, as of yesterday, the average price paid for booking air tickets dropped to 651.36 yuan, the lowest in five years.

The reduction of passenger travel has made some popular routes during the Spring Festival transportation no longer “hot”, and the prices of Beijing Harbin, Beijing Sanya and other routes that are hard to get a ticket have dropped.

Compared with the “cooling down” of big traffic booking such as air tickets, the popularity of local tourism increased, the search volume increased by 70% compared with the previous week, and the search volume of “wine + scenery package” increased by 40%.

In addition, the air ticket prices of some routes are incredibly low. For example, at the peak of travel in early February this year, the air ticket prices from Zhengzhou to Shanghai, even during the hot days, have not exceeded 100 yuan, only 99 yuan.

The price of such a plane ticket is far lower than that of the high-speed train. As a comparison, the price of hard seats for ordinary trains from Zhengzhou to Shanghai is 128.5 yuan. Therefore, passengers who have to travel for a long distance can give priority to air travel.

However, the Spring Festival transportation during the Spring Festival is the key stage of epidemic prevention and control, so it is unnecessary not to travel.

A few days ago, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the “notice on ensuring the service for the people to celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot”, which requires that the people in high-risk areas should celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot, medium risk areas should celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot in principle, and low-risk areas should advocate celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot, so as to minimize the flow of people and prevent the spread of the epidemic caused by the flow of people.

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