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May 1 tourism trend forecast report in 2021 From

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With the May Day holiday approaching, the domestic tourism fever continues to rise. For travelers who used to travel abroad in the past, how will they play in China during this long holiday? Recently, released the “May 1 tourism trend forecast report in 2021” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”). According to the report, Chongqing, Xi’an and Sanya are the most popular places for tourists. The popularity of parent-child travel is high and the consumption ability is outstanding. The single travel consumption of parent-child travel in China has increased by 37.8% compared with that in 2019.

Chongqing ranks first in the list of popular cities, with high attention paid to theme parks and zoos

As a popular city on May Day this year, Chongqing, with its magical traffic and architecture, has caught the eye of tourists and ranked first. Xi’an and Sanya followed closely, while Changsha’s urban heat continued to rise. In the annual report released in January this year, Changsha only ranked tenth, but this time it rose to sixth.

In terms of popular scenic spots, a series of theme parks and zoos with family parent-child attributes are on the list, accounting for half of the country. Shanghai Disneyland Resort, Chengdu Research Base of giant panda breeding and Wuzhizhou Island were in the top three. It is worth noting that Changsha super wenheyou takes food as the carrier, restores the old market, breaks the concept of traditional scenic spots, and makes a strong list.

There are many cross provincial tourists, and parent-child travel is popular

As the longest holiday in the first half of 2021 after the Spring Festival, 23.5% of the travelers choose to return on May 8 or 9 to enjoy a 9-day super long holiday when using the travel assistant. And enough time also allows more people to choose to travel across provinces. According to the data, parent-child tour, history and culture, special food, movie and TV clock in and outdoor tour have become the five most popular themes for tourists. Among them, Sanya, with pleasant climate and various ways of playing, has become the most popular destination for parent-child travel; Beijing has become the first choice of tourists who prefer history and culture because of its profound historical heritage; Chengdu, as the core of Sichuan cuisine, has become a favorite place for gourmands through many snacks hidden in the city streets《 Hello, Li Huanying, while touching countless Chinese people, its shooting place Xiangyang has also become a place for many tourists to punch in movies and TV; Camping has become the most popular way of outdoor travel for travelers.

The quality is still the same, and more than 50% of travelers spend more than 1000 yuan at night

For poor travel users who pursue high-quality travel experience, they not only have fun, but also pursue quality in accommodation. 52.3% of the hotels charge more than 1000 yuan at night, and 13.4% of the hotels charge more than 2000 yuan at night.

The relevant person in charge of the data center of said that the domestic tourism market has fully recovered. According to the current data, the May Day holiday will usher in the first double peak of tourists and income in the real sense this year. The original outbound tourists are more and more satisfied with the domestic destinations, so quality travel is the general trend.

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