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More than 150% increase in air ticket bookings for flying pigs on Tomb Sweeping Day in 2021 From Fliggy

The following is the More than 150% increase in air ticket bookings for flying pigs on Tomb Sweeping Day in 2021 From Fliggy recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Travel booking.

From 0:00 on March 16, people in low-risk areas can use the “green code” to pass through the country, bringing a surge of “compensatory homecoming” people who are going home during the Qingming Festival holiday. In the past week, the air ticket booking of flying pig Qingming has increased by more than 150% compared with last week, and the inter provincial long-term travel booking has increased by more than 170% compared with the previous week. It’s also a good choice to spend the Qingming Festival holiday. The booking volume of rural homestay in Feizhu has increased by more than 165%.

From the perspective of the popularity of travel routes, the growth rate of air ticket booking to Beijing, Hangzhou, Kunming, Xi’an, Haikou, Zhengzhou, Zhuhai, Dalian, Xiamen and other destinations is the fastest, and the increase of tourists is mainly family visits and tourism. It can be seen that the backlog of homesickness will be released.

As the May Day holiday has five days and the enthusiasm for long-term cross provincial tours is high, many people have already arranged the air tickets for the May day trip before they have planned the Qingming Festival holiday. The average booking cycle of May day air tickets was advanced to about 55 days, and the booking volume also increased by more than 100% compared with the same period in 2019.

In terms of price, two or three hundred yuan tickets were hard to see at this time of last year. The ticket prices of Qingming and may day have recovered to the same period of 2019. The average ticket price of May Day has reached 830 yuan, which is 30% higher than that of 2019. At present, there are still some opportunities to pick up the leak in the “special ticket” channel of Feizhu, and some popular routes have tickets with 20% discount, such as Beijing Xiamen as low as 290 yuan, Shanghai Beijing 300 yuan, Guangzhou Beijing 408 yuan, Hangzhou Sanya 600 yuan.

In terms of accommodation, the revitalization of rural areas has led to a significant growth in the booking of rural B & B and resort hotels. The booking of Qingming rural B & B has increased by more than 165%. The urban runaway people are full of yearning for the original ecological natural environment. Desert wanghong Hotel, Tibetan Linzhi Manor Hotel, and Mogan mountain homestay are popular.

Qingming hotel bookings also increased by more than 140% compared with last week. In terms of bookings, Beijing ranked first among the most popular places to stay during the Qingming holiday, while Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan and Xi’an ranked in the top 10.

Car rental and self driving tours with high security and strong privacy are becoming more and more popular. On the Feizhu platform, the weekly growth rate of Qingming car rental booking exceeded 140%, with an average car cycle of 3 days. Sanya, Xi’an, Haikou, Guiyang, Yantai, Haikou, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Zhanjiang and Shenzhen are popular self driving destinations in Qingming.

In order to meet the diversified travel needs of consumers, flying pig will go online on March 21 to promote spring tourism. It will bring more than 10000 pieces of special products with the theme of flower appreciation, parent-child, food shopping and so on. The discount is as low as 40%, covering Sanya, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei and other popular destinations. In order to realize the freedom of cherry appreciation, Feizhu will also launch the cherry broadcast in Japan, South Korea and other countries, bringing the national netizen “yunzhui cherry”.

Wu Ruoshan, a special researcher of the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzes that in 2021, the Spring Festival holiday will respond to the “local Chinese New Year” initiative in many parts of the country, and the demand for returning home and tourism will be delayed. The May Day holiday of the Qingming Festival will largely release the overstocked travel demand of the Spring Festival and stimulate the full recovery of the tourism consumption market.

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