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According to a survey by aviation industry, more than half of the pilots of global airlines are no longer flying by COVID-19. The UK based recruitment company geese recruitment and flightinternational jointly surveyed nearly 2600 pilots, releasing a report on the 28th of this month. According to the report, only 43% of the respondents are still flying, 30% are unemployed, 17% are forced to take leave, and 10% are engaged in jobs unrelated to flying.

Many pilots who are still flying think that the salary is not as good as before. Turkish Airlines and Singapore Airlines, for example, have temporarily cut their pilots’ salaries.

Mark Chaman, CEO and founder of geese recruitment, said in a statement that the epidemic affected airline pilots. “Many pilots feel insecure about their jobs, more and more people plan to find new jobs this year, and many people think employers don’t attach much importance to themselves.”.

The survey shows that among the pilots who have not lost their jobs, European pilots bear the most mental pressure due to the epidemic, such as worrying about being infected with the new coronavirus and being required to be quarantined during shift rotation. Among the unemployed pilots, 84% attributed their personal experiences to the epidemic, and 82% were willing to accept a pay cut for returning to the cockpit. In addition, 40% of the respondents believed that the epidemic affected their mental health, with a higher proportion among young pilots.

According to Reuters, COVID-19 has swept the world before, and pilots are scarce worldwide. Many airlines are trying to attract more talents to improve their treatment.

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