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As the new year’s Day holiday approaches, the enthusiasm of tourists to travel is ignited again. Although there are many new cases in China, experts believe that China’s overall situation is very safe, but we still need to keep interpersonal distance, wear masks and strengthen personal hygiene. New year’s Day Travel Guide 2021 is released today to provide weather and travel forecasts, as well as a travel protection manual to help you spend a happy New Year’s Day holiday.

New year’s day will meet cold air

During the new year’s Day holiday, the vast majority of China’s overall fine weather, mainly sunny and cloudy. There is a cold air process in most areas. From December 28, the strong cold air will affect the central and eastern areas of China, bringing obvious strong wind and cooling weather. When you go out, you should add clothes in time to prevent colds.

The temperature is generally low in the south. Due to sufficient water vapor, it is easy to appear dark ice or frost sooner or later, and the road is wet and slippery. Pay attention to driving safety.

New year’s Day travel, should avoid high risk areas

The recurrence of the epidemic in winter makes many people worry about whether they can travel smoothly on New Year’s day. Zhang Wenhong suggests that wearing masks, washing hands frequently and keeping a distance are still the best means. “China has undergone a stress test on the national day, and the risk of importing in winter will be greater, so self-protection is still the most important.” Zhang Wenhong said that in China, except for a few medium and high-risk areas, you can go anywhere. However, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women are not recommended to travel.

Keep a sense of prevention and do a good job in personal protection

In the face of the large-scale flow of people during the new year’s day, we also need to pay attention to their own epidemic prevention. Pay attention to the epidemic situation at any time, not only to query the risk level of the destination, but also to understand the local prevention and control requirements in advance. And prepare personal protective equipment, including masks, disinfectants, etc., book air tickets or tickets in advance through the Internet, wear masks when buying tickets on site, and keep a social distance of more than 1 meter when queuing up. It is recommended to wear a mask during the whole process of waiting, and cover it with elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Keep hands clean and try not to touch mouth, nose and eyes directly. In case of fever, seek medical advice immediately.

In the current situation, we should also strengthen self-protection. Remember these 8 personal protection tips!

New year’s Day travel, “skiing” and “avoiding the cold” become new favorites

2020 officially enters the countdown stage, many people can’t help but feel excited and ready to welcome the new year through a trip. According to the same trip data, during the new year’s Day holiday in 2021, Sanya, Xiamen, Hengyang, Guangzhou, Beihai, Zhuhai, Xishuangbanna, Panzhihua, Guilin and Kunming are the top ten popular destinations. Among them, Sanya and Xishuangbanna are the most popular cold cities. It is suggested that tourists make preparations for the trip and go off peak.

During the new year’s Day holiday, domestic ice and snow themed destinations will enter the peak tourism season, and Yabuli ski resort in Heilongjiang Province will become the most popular ski resort.

China’s foreign ministry has issued a document saying that during the coming New Year’s Day holiday, Chinese compatriots at home should try not to travel abroad to reduce the risk of infection and detention of the new coronavirus. Xinqing weather is a warm reminder that there will be a strong cold air process during the new year. It is recommended to use Xinqing weather app to check the weather of the destination in advance and prepare enough cold proof clothes to avoid cold. Weather report of 2020: travel in the same year of the Dragon Boat Festival Post-90s’ favorite travel on the same journey: average house prices of domestic hotels on May Day in 2020 rose by about 42% on a year-on-year basis new sunny weather: Travel forecast report on golden week of Mid Autumn Festival in 2020 new sunny weather: Travel forecast report on golden week of May Day in 2020 Gaode map: Travel forecast report on New Year’s day in 2019 (with download) Gaode map: Travel forecast report on Christmas day in 2016 & New Year’s day in 2017 (with download) Gaode map: Travel forecast report on Christmas day in 2016 & New Year’s day in 2017 (with download) Detu: the most congested city in the new year’s Day travel forecast report in 2017 is that Harbin’s weather forecast strategy is upgraded to “new sunny weather”, deep ploughing weather + travel life scene, one click query of typhoon path, new sunny weather launched “typhoon data” service, severe convective weather occurs frequently, and new sunny weather helps you cope with urban waterlogging! McKinsey: it is estimated that the Asia Pacific region will lose 4.7 trillion US dollars due to extreme weather in 2050. The new sunny weather app will be launched in summer. You can query the hot level of the new sunny weather with one click and launch the “heatstroke risk” reminder to prevent high temperature heatstroke

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