In February 2021, the monthly average price of mainstream capacity of specialty DRAM increased by nearly 7% From TrendForce

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According to the survey conducted by trendforce, due to the tight production capacity of the three original manufacturers, DRAM market is still in short supply, and the overall market situation has officially entered a rising cycle. The original manufacturers have seen the opportunity to significantly increase the monthly quotation of special DRAM, which has driven the price of some particles to double-digit. Among them, the products with smaller capacity and more niche have the largest increase. In terms of the contract price in February, DDR2 and DDR3 are still rising high, while DDR4 continues to rise due to the pursuit of DDR3. At present, DDR3 4GB, which is still the largest application in specialty DRAM, has an average price increase of about 6.8% in a single month.

Trendforce further said that the serious shortage of DDR3 2GB, which has been dominated by Taiwan manufacturers for a long time, has continued, and it has become the norm for this product that there is no quantity at a price. The price chasers have become the main reason for the widening of the price gap between high and low prices in the market, and the average price has increased by nearly 9% this month. Forced by the rise of DDR3 4GB, Samsung’s price rose significantly this month, which promoted the growth of low price and average price by about 6%; while DDR4 8GB increased by about 4% with the trend of mainstream server and PC. It must be noted that this is the price adjustment made in response to the monthly contract to reflect the current market situation. However, if we carefully study some tier one customers who adopt quarterly lock in deal, the whole quarter price will not be affected by this month’s price.

DDR3 output of the three original plants is still slowly declining, and Taiwan plants flexibly allocate production capacity to maximize profits

In the current hot market of specialty DRAM, the profit level of DDR3 is gradually higher than that of DDR4 and logic IC products, which also drives the strategy of suppliers to adjust. In terms of Korean factories, Samsung’s long-term strategy of continuously converting line 13 to CMOS image sensor remains unchanged. However, affected by the recent strong price rise, Samsung has slightly reduced its planned production capacity. Sk Hynix also adopts the same strategy. After the capacity of the old plant was reduced at the end of last year, it will basically maintain at a similar water level in 2021. With the increasing yield of the most advanced 1z and 1 alpha nm, micron will gradually increase the proportion of advanced processes. Therefore, due to the limited space in Taiwan, some 20nm and more mature processes will move to Fab 6 in the United States in the future. Overall, the DDR3 output of the three original plants continued to decline, but the decline rate was slower than originally expected.

In Taiwan, Nanya tech has converted some 20 nm and 30 nm DDR4 chips back to DDR3; Winbond has focused on flash business in recent years, and DRAM capacity will be limited before the completion of Kaohsiung road bamboo factory, so the company chooses to focus on DDR2 and DDR3 1 / 2GB small capacity products, also because Huabang has a relatively higher market share in this field, has more pricing advantages. Previously, PSMC mainly focused on Logic IC OEM, but with the significant rise of DDR3 generation price, it will transfer part of its production capacity to DRAM. On the whole, in the future, the three major Taiwan factories will allocate their production capacity flexibly according to the gross profit. However, trendforce Jibang consulting believes that even if all suppliers respond, this wave of shortage of special DRAM will last at least to the first half of this year, and the subsequent price increase will depend on the capacity adjustment of the original manufacturers.

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