In the second quarter of 2021, the quotation of client SSD for pen electricity increased by 3-8% From TrendForce

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According to the trendforce Jibang consulting research, the demand of residential economy driven by the epidemic continues to ferment. It is estimated that the demand for pen electricity will remain strong until the second quarter. PC OEM manufacturers not only actively stabilize the supply of goods, but also increase the inventory. However, due to the tight supply of NAND flash controller and the power outage of Samsung factory in Austin, Texas, the supply of finished products is even more tight. As a result, the original manufacturer began to raise the price of SSD products. It is estimated that in the second quarter of 2021, the price of client SSD will rise from the original level to 3-8% in the quarter.

Trendforce further said that the production of Samsung’s factory in Austin, Texas, was affected by the snowstorm last month, resulting in production stagnation and delayed to resume operation until March 2. It is estimated that the capacity utilization rate of the whole plant will not return to more than 90% until the end of March, and the output will be significantly impacted. Although Samsung NAND flash wafer is not put into production here, its own SSD master control IC accounts for about 10% of the production capacity of the factory. The main control IC is PC client SSD, which directly impacts Samsung 128 layer PC OEM SSD products.

In particular, since the mass production of 128 layer PC OEM SSD products in the fourth quarter of 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic and the longer than expected verification of the pciegen4, Samsung originally expected to further expand the market share of the pcieg4 SSD with a more active pricing strategy, driven by the upcoming large-scale shipment of Intel tiger Lake platform. However, the market demand was affected by the tight supply of the master IC, which forced the delivery date of SSD which was slightly tight to be extended. Under the situation that it was difficult for the supply side to increase the supply, the original manufacturer began to increase the price of client SSD in the second quarter.

On the other hand, enterprise SSD, which is linked with client SSD, is also stimulated by the event. In addition, the purchase volume of data center is expected to rebound from the bottom of the second quarter, and the orders will grow quarter by quarter. Therefore, the price of enterprise SSD is about to improve. Trendforce Jibang consulting forecasts that the price of enterprise SSD in the second quarter will rise from 0-5% to 0-5% from the original quarter.

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