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The following is the It is estimated that the global mobile tddi IC shipment will reach 760 million in 2021 From TrendForce recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: TrendForce.

According to the display Research Office of trendforce, the demand for tddi IC will continue to expand in 2021 when the mobile phone market is expected to recover, and the shipment scale of tddi IC for mobile phones will reach 760 million; and the shipment scale of tddi IC for tablet computers will also be expanded to 95 million.

Trendforce Jibang consulting pointed out that since the second half of 2020, the overall demand for consumer electronics and information products has been strengthened due to the slowing down of the epidemic. The mobile phone market has also been affected by inventory replenishment and Huawei’s ban. The demand for mobile phone parts has begun to improve, and the IC stock momentum has been strengthened. However, the increasing demand for all kinds of applications has led to the increase in the productivity of wafer foundry, and the semiconductor parts are in short supply.

Among them, the price of tddi IC continues to rise due to tight supply, while the 12 inch 80 / 90 nm node process capacity of wafer foundry is not enough to meet the overall demand of tddi IC, which drives IC manufacturers to accelerate the transformation of higher-level tddi IC products into 55 nm node process production. Due to the expectation of shortage, customers continue to ferment, and then expand their efforts. In 2020, the shipment scale of mobile tddi IC will reach 700 million, with an annual growth of 25%.

Tddi IC front expanded to tablet computers, with annual shipment of 95 million in 2021

The technology of tddi IC for mobile phone is becoming mature, which continues to push up the scale of tddi IC used by customers. In addition to the full capacity of 8-inch wafer foundry, it accelerates the transfer of traditional separated DDIC architecture to tddi IC based on 12 inch wafer foundry, which will further push up the demand scale of tddi IC. Although the capacity of 80 / 90 nm nodes is seriously insufficient, for IC manufacturers, due to the tight supply in 2020, in order to reduce the risk, in addition to transferring to 55 nm nodes, it is also a way to stabilize the source of goods to disperse different wafer foundries. With the continuous expansion of demand, it is expected that the scale of tddi IC for mobile phones will reach 760 million in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 8.6%.

On the other hand, IC manufacturers focus on the field of tablet computers, and also begin to launch tddi IC for tablet computers. Due to the large size of tablet computers, the tddi IC consumption of medium and high-level models is twice that of ordinary mobile phones. At the same time, most of them will be equipped with the specifications of active touch pen. Therefore, the unit price of IC is higher, and IC manufacturers are more willing to develop tddi IC for tablet computers. Huawei, which is more ambitious in the tablet Market in the past two years, is the most active in the development of this specification. However, as IC technology becomes more mature, more and more IC manufacturers begin to invest in it, and more and more brand customers have a positive attitude towards tddi IC in tablet computers. It is expected that the shipment scale of tddi IC for tablet computers will reach 6, 5 million: it is expected to grow to 95 million in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 46.2%.

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