Number and proportion of China Mobile Payment users in 2020-2024

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The following is the Number and proportion of China Mobile Payment users in 2020-2024 recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: .

Read more: the amount and growth rate of mobile payment business handled by Bank of China from 2018q1 to 2020q1 (original data sheet attached) Yiguan International: the scale of mobile phone proximity payment industry exceeded 100 million yuan in 2011 Yiguan think tank: the scale of domestic mobile payment reached 122.4 billion yuan in Q2 of 2013 Wall Street Journal: 10% of the US market volume of Starbucks came from mobile payment edigital research: British users began to embrace contactless mobile payment exciting NFC smart phone data: growth of 450% in Australia IDC:2017 year Global mobile payment will exceed US $1 trillion, 66% of which will come from mobile e-commerce IDC: global mobile payment will reach US $1 trillion in 2017 emarketer: mobile wallet or all digital wallet Forrester: 55% of enterprises will strengthen their support for smart phone office in the next year 2.5 million mobile banking users

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