Swire Coca Cola and Tencent reach in-depth strategic cooperation to jointly build a new digital benchmark for FMCG beverage industry

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On March 18, Swire Coca Cola (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Swire Coca Cola”) and Tencent jointly announced the formal formation of a deep strategic partnership. The two sides will rely on Swire Coca Cola’s experience in the FMCG beverage industry, as well as Tencent’s advantages in social networking, digital content and digital marketing, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence Complementary sources and integration, efforts will be made to integrate “wisdom” into the FMCG beverage industry, jointly promote the implementation of smart retail and industrial wisdom upgrading, and help Swire Coca Cola build a new digital benchmark in the beverage industry.

Swire Coca Cola (China) Co., Ltd. and Tencent reach digital strategic cooperation

Swire Coca Cola has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with Tencent. Through in-depth strategic cooperation, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of commodity and user digitization, channel digitization, private domain operation, cloud technology and enterprise service, so as to help Swire Coca Cola in-depth practice of digital strategy in an all-round way.

In terms of commodity digitization and user digitization, Swire Coca Cola interacts with consumers through various products with sales volume of over 10 billion every year. In this cooperation, Swire Coca Cola will make use of Tencent’s extensive contacts on the consumer side and Tencent’s digital solution to improve its ability in three aspects: public and private domain traffic linkage, user data asset accumulation and code scanning refined operation. The two sides will build digital UTC to achieve direct connection and interaction between the brand and hundreds of millions of consumers. At the same time, based on consumer insight analysis, the two sides will open up the digital channel of consumer interaction and marketing, improve the ROI of advertising and marketing in a long term, and precipitate the private domain flow pool of the brand, so as to achieve the core goals of new customers’ attracting new customers and loyal customers’ sticky repurchase.

In the aspect of channel digitalization, both sides will jointly develop digital management tools such as B2B store applet to help Swire Coca Cola improve its existing store resource strength, realize digital order management, drive new store innovation, and finally realize large-scale connection of terminal stores. Swire Coca Cola will have direct tools for long-term store management. In addition, youcode, combined with Tencent map magic cube big data capability, helps Swire Coca Cola to carry out the innovation and application upgrading of four key links: business area reconstruction, sales point mining, business planning and field implementation through digital way. Swire Coca Cola will further reasonably plan its business area, find more high potential sales points, and make targeted operation strategies. The front-line business personnel of Swire Coca Cola will get real-time optimization suggestions for store visit and background digital management, so as to realize “thousands of stores and thousands of strategies”.

Su Wei, President of Swire Coca Cola Co., Ltd., said: “digital strategy is one of the most important pillars of Swire Coca Cola’s business strategy. In recent years, we can see the full use of digital tools in many business links, such as front-line execution, customer service, consumer interaction, device interconnection, data intelligence and so on. “

Based on the financial report of Swire in 2020 and the latest data, Swire Coca Cola continued to achieve strong growth in performance by virtue of category expansion and multi packaging strategy, among which the sales profit achieved double-digit growth. In the past New Year and Spring Festival sales season (January February), the year-on-year increase was 28.7%

Chen Fei, vice president of Tencent smart retail, said: “Swire Coca Cola is a leading Bottling Group in Coca Cola’s global system. It has strong strength in production, distribution and digital innovation, and is also a leader in the whole industry. We believe that this will be a good start for a strong alliance. Tencent will give full play to its advantages in the field of connectivity and digitization, and work with Swire Coca Cola to build a new benchmark for the digital transformation of the FMCG industry. “

Previously, Swire Coca Cola and Tencent had a good foundation for cooperation. In 2020, Tencent Youma will assist Swire Coca Cola to carry out digital innovation between sales outlets and consumers in a certain region, recruiting a large number of consumers in a short time, and opening up the digital closed loop from sales outlets to consumers. Meanwhile, the small program of sales outlets carrying this activity also includes the functions of prize cashing, order and delivery, which makes the penetration of sales outlets reach unprecedented precision It’s not easy.

At present, the retail mode of China’s market is undergoing a transformation, from the traditional “trading field” as the core to the “people” as the core. Brand owners use long-term private domain connection and direct connection to realize communication with users, which reduces excessive dependence on trading field, turns passive into active, and attracts consumers to spend on the spot. And the small program based on wechat ecological series online and offline business has become an important infrastructure for brand direct connection consumers. In 2020, the daily life of small program has exceeded 400 million, and the transaction scale has achieved over 100% growth.

In this process, Tencent always adheres to the role of digital assistant of retail enterprises to help retailers seek private business increment and promote the digital transformation of retail industry. Tencent youcode, from the initial consumer offline code scanning scenario to the full link scenario and enterprise management capability, will further help brand owners achieve the goal of building a private domain traffic system.

Up to now, Tencent has served nearly 100 brands, connected more than 600 million terminal stores, assigned more than 15 billion pieces of products, saved more than 500 million marketing expenses, and helped the brand’s main marketing ROI increase by more than 15% on average.

The strategic cooperation between Swire Coca Cola and Tencent will help the FMCG beverage industry develop to a new height. The two sides will jointly establish a new benchmark for the digital Omni channel development of FMCG industry based on digital and intelligent efficiency improvement, cost reduction and customer experience improvement. Read more: q1-2020 Q2 meituan reviews the revenue and growth rate of stores and wine travel (attached with the original data sheet) Q3 2020 global chromebook computer shipment market share (attached with the original data sheet) top 10 content categories of YouTube with the highest revenue (attached with the original data sheet) Baidu R & D cost and growth rate from 2018q1 to 2020 (original data table attached) changes of APP user activity in China during the epidemic period Google business revenue scale and growth rate from 2018q3 to 2020q4 (original data table attached) divorce registration number and growth rate in China from 2008 to 2020 (original data table attached) The number and growth rate of China’s marriage registration from Q3 in 2018 to Q4 in 2020 (attached with the original data table) the way for individual investors of China’s public funds to make investment decisions in 2019 (attached with the original data table) how many losses of individual investors of China’s public funds will be anxious in 2019 (attached with the original data table) What individual investors of China’s public funds value most in choosing investment varieties in 2019 is (attached with the original data table) natural person investors classified by age in China’s public funds in 2019 (attached with the original data table) Q4 global Internet TV equipment manufacturers’ market share in 2020 (attached with the original data table) Q4 global Internet TV equipment manufacturers’ shipment and growth rate in 2020 (attached with the original data sheet) Q4 India’s wearable device market share in 2020 (attached with the original data sheet)

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