Top 5 g patent ownership by necessity

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More reading: the company with the largest number of 5g patents (attached with the original data sheet) iplytics: Global 5g industry patent report in 2020 Huawei No.1 ZTE No.3 5g standard essential patents in 2019 Chinese enterprises account for 34%, ranking first in the world Huawei No.1, ZTE No.3, iplytics: Samsung has 1728 5g patents, which is significantly ahead of Huawei ranking No.1 iplytics: by March 2019, China’s share of global 5g patents is as high as 34%, MIIT: in 2019, China’s share of global 5g standard patents is more than 30%, the top 10 content categories of YouTube with the highest revenue (attached with the original data table) Market share of global chromebook computer shipment in Q3, 2020 (attached with original data sheet) cost and growth rate of Baidu research and development in Q1, 2018q1-2020 (attached with original data sheet) revenue and growth rate of meituan’s comments on stores and liquor tourism in Q1, 2019-2020 (attached with original data sheet) total import and export of Chinese goods in 2016-2020 (attached with original data sheet) Total retail sales and growth rate of China’s social consumer goods in 2016-2020 (attached with the original data table) number of fixed Internet broadband access users in China at the end of 2016-2020 (attached with the original data table)

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