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2021 new trend of science fiction network From Reading group & Shanghai Science and Technology News

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The report takes the platform data and industry public data of reading group as the main analysis blueprint, outlines the latest characteristics and trends of the development of science fiction category of network literature, and analyzes the new characteristics of science fiction online literature, such as youth, diversification and popular science, from its creators, readers and content categories. Yang Chen, vice president and chief editor of Yuewen group, said: “online writers practice it, write unique ‘Chinese science fiction’ and convey Chinese stories to the world.”

Web text platform carries the development of science fiction   510000 young creators poured in

The report shows that in recent years, the number of sci-fi creators on the online literature platform, especially young creators, has increased, the readership has expanded, sci-fi works have frequently dominated the list, produced many popular funds, and won many industry heavyweight awards, which reflects that online literature has gradually become one of the important bearing platforms of sci-fi novels in many aspects.

In terms of creators, a wave of “back waves” set off a new wave of science fiction. By 2021, more than 515000 creators had created sci-fi online articles on the platform of reading articles, an increase of 189% in 2020 compared with 2016. Among them, there are many online writers. In 2021, more than 22% of the platinum writers of the reading group have created science fiction works; The group of sci-fi online writers is becoming younger and younger,   The post-90s creators have become the mainstay of science fiction, accounting for more than 70%, of which the creators of generation Z (post-95 and Post-00) have risen rapidly, accounting for more than 58%; In the past five years, the proportion of female sci-fi creators has increased by 13 percentage points.

In terms of readers, with the growth of the overall number, more and more young readers are chasing more science fiction. As a super category in the content of online articles, science fiction steadily accounts for the top 5, and more than 40% of readers chase more science fiction works in May. Young readers have become the main force of science fiction reading. According to the data in June 2021,   Generation Z readers increased by more than 44% year-on-year.

Popular science atmosphere group online business and immersive learning

Driven by both writers and readers, sci-fi online works have achieved both popularity and quality improvement. As of August 2021, science fiction accounted for four of the top ten works in the monthly ticket list of the starting point platform. We live in Nanjing, the best-selling work of the short column “starting point theater”, is also a science fiction work. At present, super popular science fiction has been born. The number of readers, number of collectors, average number of orders, number of paid people and amount of paid money of the talking elbow work named night by platinum writers of reading group have broken many historical records of the starting platform.   It attracts 650000 people to read and 150000 people pay to call in a single month.

With the development of sci-fi online writing towards high-quality, in recent years, many online writing works have won heavy awards in the field of sci-fi: Rainbow gate work super battleship of rebirth, the ultimate eternal work under deep space, Tianrui’s talisman work I’m on Mars, and objects in fire work Millennium backtracking, which have successively won the “best online literature award” of China’s sci-fi Galaxy award.

The creators are full of enthusiasm and the readers are full of interest. With the help of online real-time paragraph and chapter comments, there is a strong interaction between science fiction writers and readers. “Wild class representatives” spontaneously sorted out knowledge points, answered questions and dispelled doubts, and spontaneously formed a “popular science atmosphere group”. In the book review area of “we live in Nanjing” of Tianrui Shufu, radio enthusiasts explain the interpretation and usage of professional terms online. The review area of “Xueba’s black technology system” of Morningstar ll triggered a great discussion on scientific problems. Some book friends analyzed the principle of chemical reaction in detail.

The report also takes classic representative works with different sub themes in the field of science fiction as an example to show the innovation and change of themes and genres in the development of science fiction online articles in the past 20 years. In 2003, Xuanyu’s “Legend of the little soldier” opened the prelude to science fiction online writing;   In 2010, the phenomenal work “swallowing the stars”, which I ate tomatoes, broke the platform record in one fell swoop. With the increasing enrichment of sci-fi themes, sci-fi online works have sprung up in the past two years. In 2020, Montenegro old ghost “start with the Red Moon” and diving squid “long night afterfire” have achieved good results; In 2021, the talking elbow “naming technique of night” and Tianrui’s saying Fu “we live in Nanjing” were well-known.

In addition, the innovative attempt of science fiction online writing in the original style has never stopped. The traditional sci-fi motif has grown a series of new integrated writing directions on the fertile soil of network literature, with new composite themes such as cyber Xiuxian, sci-fi farming, ancient military machine armor and so on. Science fiction online writing has become one of the important paths for the localization of science fiction. Young writers and readers have formed a new science fiction discourse system. More reading: Reading: copyright operating revenue increased more than three times in 2019 reading: revenue of 3.26 billion in the first half of 2020, net loss of 3.3 billion affected by Xinli goodwill impairment and performance failure to meet expectations, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences & reading group: 2019 annual network literature development report, Tencent Music Entertainment group: 2019 financial report exceeded expectations, paying users increased by a record, reading financial report: reading group in the first half of 2019 Revenue of 2.97 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 30.1%. Financial report of Yuewen group: in 2018, the revenue of Yuewen group was 5.04 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 23%. Financial report of Yuewen group: 2018 network literature development report: in the first half of 2020, the total revenue of Yuewen group was 3.26 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 9.7%. Lexington Law: millennials in the United States are not “cold” to the stock market CTR: a brief analysis of TV viewing characteristics of young viewers in small and medium-sized cities: 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – Chinese audience’s online viewing and consumption behavior insight (with download) the truth about generation Z in China: white paper on local culture insight (with Chinese and English download) JD Research Institute: report on generation Z automobile consumption trend in 2021 (with download) Industry marketing strategy 2.0: huge calculation of consumer electronic products: 2021 white paper on people’s insight into the mobile phone industry (with download)

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